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Jobs in the digital age, and the skills and capabilities required to do them, are transforming at an unprecedented rate. Understanding the needs of a changing world, is Oakridge International School, which brings in unique opportunities for its students by giving them access to the latest thinking from the world’s leading educators.
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Oakridge School Career Workshop Aims to Help Aspiring Students Who Wish to Look Beyond Conventional Careers

The dream to pursue higher studies in some of the best Indian and International Universities helps every Oakridger to stay curious and “Be Ambitious” always. Oakridge International School, Bengaluru organized a University Fair for grades 8 to 11, bringing together nearly 16 inte... (more)
Oakridge Junior Codefest 2022 Introduces a Brilliant League of Smart New Coders

The world of coding has been creating a new league of coding enthusiasts of all age groups, in recent years. Inspired by the senior codefest, Oakridge International School, Bengaluru launched the ‘Junior Codefest 2022’ for Grade 4 and 5 students in Bangalore and b... (more)
Creating Future Entrepreneurs at Oakridge Bengaluru

Students of Oakridge International School Bengaluru recently took part in their MYP Personal Projects, wherein they showcase their ideas and projects that they have been working on through the year. MYP Personal project is an independent and individual piece of work completed by students in... (more)
The Oakridge Codefest 2022 brings together World's Best Student Coding Ninjas

Oakridge International School, Bengaluru organized the biggest online Codefest 2022, a 24-hour hackathon, an initiative that has been one-of-its-kinds, completely conceptualized and organized by the students since few years. This year marked their sixth edition of Codefest, sponsored by Hin... (more)
Oakridge Bengaluru Featured in Top International Schools of Bangalore by Education World and Times Schools Rankings

Oakridge International School, Bangalore is in news for two big recognitions that defines their significant role as an established premium IB institution in Karnataka. The first one comes from Education World. As per the Education World India School Ranking Awards 2021-22, Oa... (more)
Oakridge International School Bangalore Advocated the Importance of Children's Rights on World Children's Day 2021

Oakridge International School Bangalore celebrated World Children’s Day with a thoughtful message reinstating the importance of children’s rights through a week long activity galore and a special assembly to showcase the celebration of a student’s life.
Oakridge Bengaluru School Principal Pallavi Mishra Speaks on Future of Learning

In its 29 States and 7 Union territories, India has a staggering 20 million schools with 315 million students. Almost two third of these schools are government run and need more focus on professional development for teachers, holistic learning methods for students and technological integrat... (more)
Oakridge Students Call upon Younger Generation to Take up More Responsibility Towards Environment Sustainability

IBDP students, Sadhika Alampally and Khushi Valecha from Oakridge International School Bengaluru presented their talks at the recently conducted Environmental Systems And Societies- ESS Fest held virtually, which saw over 40 students taking part from across 16 countries. This global in... (more)
Oakridger Accepted to Prestigious U.S. University Program

Deputy Head Boy, Design Championship Winner, President Rotary Interact Club, ranked #8 in International Student League, Duke TIP Summer Program at Georgia Tech, Start-up Founder, and now accepted to University of California, Berkeley for M.E.T (Management, Entrepreneurship, and Technology) ... (more)
Oakridger Rishi Verma’s Start-up Initiative “Swayamkrushi” Empowers Rural Indian Women

Rishi Verma, a grade 10 student from Oakridge International School, Gachibowli, started an initiative called ‘Swayamkrushi’ with an aim to create a secondary source of income for farmer families, who suffer irregular and meagre revenue owing to the unpredictability and seasonali... (more)