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Public Media Solution is a digital marketing and PR company based in Pune. The company provides services like search engine optimization, social media optimization, PPC advertising, online PR, and more to clients located across the globe.
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Public Media Solution Invests in F Sharp to Provide Affordable Musical Instruments to The Youth of Pune

Public Media Solution, a noted digital marketing and PR agency in Pune has made an investment in F Sharp, a retail seller of musical instruments based in Pune. The investment was provided under the seed funding services offered by the organization. F Sharp is a noted retailer in the market ... (more)
Public Media Solution Expands its Umbrella of Services with Corporate Branding Solutions

Public Media Solution, primarily a Public Relations and Digital Marketing Agency, incorporates corporate branding solutions within its portfolio of services. This initiative is aimed at helping businesses find their niche in the market and reach out to their audience in an effective manner.... (more)
Public Media Solution Combining Seed Funding Services with Digital Marketing to Boost Indian Startups

Public Media Solution, a noted digital marketing and PR firm has taken the initiative to combine the two seemingly unrelated services seed funding and digital marketing to provide an ideal bouquet of services to its clients.
Ravinder Bharti - Seed-funding and Digital ... (more)