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Chemoports Can be a Boon for Cancer Patients During Pandemic Times

The pandemic has put a renewed focus on the well-being of patients who are suffering from life-threatening ailments and diseases and need to seek their regular course of treatment at hospitals. In such circumstances, cancer patients are a highly vulnerable patient group. Physicians concerned about ... (more)
BD Commemorates 10th Anniversary of its Initiative FITTER - Forum for Injection Technique & Therapy Expert Recommendations

11th January every year is observed as Insulin Injection Day and January this year marks the 100th Anniversary of Insulin Injection. Insulin therapy is a crucial aspect of diabetes management. Even though, India is known to be the diabetes capital of the world with a whopping 7.4 crore people ... (more)
BD Marks Successful Completion of PRIME Program - 13 Indian Hospitals to Receive Certification on Medical Safety

COVID pandemic has forcefully underlined the importance of patient safety within healthcare institution. In line with the need of the hour which requires focus on safe medical practices within hospitals, the highly impactful ‘Preventing Risks of Infections and Medication Errors in IV Therapy&... (more)