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HealthWire addresses the need for an integrated communications to connect various stakeholders of the life sciences industry and focuses on the continued research to define engagement strategy that works best for any particular client. We are focused on handling mandates like Medical Communications, Digital & Social Communications, Design & Creative Sciences and Public Relations.
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Self-Examination, Preventive Screening and Timely Diagnosis Key to Detect Breast Cancer in Nascent Stage

The incidence of cancer continues to escalate in the country, with breast cancer becoming increasingly common among women. Alarmingly, a large section of this patient pool is between 25 - 40 years of age. Leading physicians advocate the importance of self-examination and preventive screenin... (more)
VABB - Advanced Tissue Sampling Technique Aiding in Accurately Diagnosing Breast Cancer and Removal of Smaller Benign Lumps

To commemorate the Breast Cancer Awareness Month of October, leading physicians emphasized on the importance of early detection of breast cancer as the only key to reduce mortality from this rapid disease. They also broke the common myth that breast cancer can occur only in older age groups... (more)