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Co-founded by Mr Gautam Arjun, Mr. Yuvraj Krishan Sharma and Mr. Alok Patni, Edverse offers digital cosmos of interconnected and tech-actuated learning. The company is focused on enabling learners to enhance their education through immersive tech and can hyper-personalize their learning journey. The platform functions on the '4E' corollary framework of Engage, Enrich, Empower, and Excel. The pillars of Edverse are Learners, Educators, Creators, and Promoters. Founded in 2022, Edverse has a first-mover advantage by being the first Metaverse in education. Edverse is brought to you by a seasoned team comprising doyens from the domain of education, gaming, 3D modelling and visualization. Over the last several years, the team has successfully built some of the fastest-selling Ed-Tech products in the education domain. Furthermore, Edverse is led by the team and is the sole AR module provider from India, trusted and partnered with Google. As a result, Edverse already has the largest repository of 3D & 2D asset libraries and AR/ VR modules.
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Edverse Widens its Realm in Elevating Virtual Interactions with New Feature - 'Domes' for Enhanced Privacy and Realistic Audio

Edverse, a leading provider of metaverse with diverse virtual environments for remote business, education, and gatherings, is excited to announce the launch of its newest feature called Domes. This addition expands Edverse's presence in the metaverse space, enhancing the overall employee experi... (more)