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Dreame Technology, established in 2017, is an innovative company with the vision to "enhance the living quality of global users' It specializes in the R&D of smart home appliances to make intelligent and healthy lifestyles easily accessible to global consumers. Today, Dreame is a major global company with a presence in around 100 markets around the world. With a 50% year-on-year increase in sales base, Dreame has become a world-leading manufacturer of intelligent electronics products for home and consumer use.
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Dreame to Launch the All-in-One DreameBot L10s Ultra in India

Dreame, an international technology company committed to ongoing innovation and enhancing daily life convenience for its global customers, distinguishes itself as a leading innovator in smart home cleaning solutions.
Dreame L10s Ultra
More than 21 milli... (more)
Dreame Introduces a New Range of Vacuum Cleaners: F9 Pro, U10, and H12 Core Now Available in India

Dreame Technology, a rapidly growing technology company and leading manufacturer of home cleaning appliances, announced the launch of a new range of cleaning devices on 2nd January. These products include the F9 Pro cleaning robot, the H12 ... (more)
Dreame Unveils DreameBot D9 Max - The Ultimate Home Cleaning Innovation

Dreame, a leader in home cleaning, is launching one of its top-notch products in India: Dreambot D9 Max Robot Vacuum Cleaner.
This cutting-edge cleaning marvel is set to revolutionize how you maintain your homes with its exceptional features and unmatched performance.
... (more)