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Prithivi, Akash, Jal, Agni, Vayu (Earth, Sky, Water, Fire, Air) are the five Tattva’s or elements that the universe and the human body is composed of. Ancient eastern philosophy holds that the balance of these five Tattvas or elements in entire universe, including the human body, is the essence of wellness. Balance. That is what Tattva Spa aims to strive for your mind, body and soul.
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This Mothers' Day, say it with the Gift of Wellbeing; Experiential Spa Gifts for Moms from Tattva

For generations, Mother's Day has been synonymous with a predictable (yet well-meaning) routine: flowers, a heartfelt card, and maybe brunch if you're feeling particularly ambitious. Honestly, the gifting landscape is evolving. Consumers are increasingly seeking experiences over materialist... (more)
Bangalore can now experience the best of Active Lift Face Massage; Tattva Wellness Spa partners with Italian professional skincare brand, COMFORT ZONE

Tattva Wellness Spa is proud to announce the launch of the esteemed Italian professional skincare brand COMFORT ZONE in Bangalore, India. COMFORT ZONE, from the Davines group, renowned for its expertise in combining science and nature, resonates deeply with our commitment to holistic wellness. This... (more)
Ditch the Chemicals this Holi, Tattva Wellness Spa Shares their Spring Season Anecdotes for Best Skin Health

As the festival of Holi approaches, Tattva Wellness Spa has released it’s nature inspired beauty & wellness therapies that are the perfect anecdote to the potential skin & hair damage caused during the rampant use of artificial colors & fragrances during the festival of Holi. Wit... (more)