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Häfele India employs over 400 people who cater to a wide customer base with the help of an efficient distribution network, comprehensive logistics system and a sophisticated warehouse located in Mumbai.
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Hafele's Premium Appliances Range - Ark 630 and 300 Refrigerators

Refrigerators have revolutionized the way we preserve and store our food, becoming a daily essential part of our modern lifestyle. Thanks to advancements in technology, refrigerators which were earlier equipped with simpler features, have now evolved significantly. In essence, refrigerators... (more)
Hafele's Motorized Wardrobe Lift System

Whether it is to get your hands on your favourite jacket or to find that stunning tie, a neatly organized wardrobe will enable you to achieve both these tasks effortlessly. Maximum utilization of the wardrobe real estate itself plays a key role in this and making this real estate easily acc... (more)
Hafele Presents New RE-Ach Digital Lock

Over the years, evolution in living patterns has demanded more from the traditional locks than mere home security. Today, people want smarter and convenient options to manage the access to their homes - the question is no longer about who stays out of the house but who can be let in. &... (more)
Hafele's State-of-the-art Combi Microwave Steam Oven

When it comes to a healthy diet, steam cooked food is your best choice. Steam cooking preserves the nutrients, moisture, texture and the natural flavours of the food, and when combined with other cooking methods, gives you meals that are both healthy and delicious, and are prepared in no ti... (more)
Hafele's Marina Washer Dryer Combo Machines

Eliminate the need for a separate washing machine and a separate clothes dryer with Hafele’s Marina Washer Dryer Combo Machines. The easy load options and smart programs provide you with maximum flexibility for your laundry work with regards to different kinds of clothes like cotton, ... (more)
Exclusive Table Extensions by Hafele

Whether it’s a sprawling apartment or a plush studio flat, transformable furniture is fast becoming the de facto interior scheme for residential and commercial spaces. With different spheres of our lives integrating and the need for space optimization, there is an increasing desire fo... (more)
Hafele's Water Solutions Range: Be Pure Kitchen Faucet

Whether it is drinking water, washing tableware, cleaning fruits and vegetables or even sanitising food packages, the sink area is always teeming with people performing various activities in and around it. It is in essence, a focal area of the kitchen where events of the day commence and cu... (more)
Hafele Presents Laundry Solutions by ASKO

Hafele presents to you Laundry Solutions by ASKO, a new generation of attractive, user-friendly, innovative and long-lasting washing machine, tumble dryer, drying cabinet and hidden helper. Our exclusive range of laundry solutions from ASKO eliminates the challenges of day-to-day washing ne... (more)
Hafele's New Architectural Lighting Range: Wall Washer Lights

With Hafele’s New Architectural Lighting Range you will find all your lighting needs taken care of. Whether it is lighting up a small area, highlighting a wall texture, emphasizing on a work of art, illuminating the floor space at night or simply ensuring even distribution of light ac... (more)
Top 5 Hafele Appliances for your Kitchens

With Hafele’s Range of Appliances, cooking, baking, and washing are no longer mere chores – they provide an experience that is almost recreational! These innovative home appliances augment flexibility & co-ordination within the kitchen as well as can seamlessly complement th... (more)
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