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Häfele India employs over 400 people who cater to a wide customer base with the help of an efficient distribution network, comprehensive logistics system and a sophisticated warehouse located in Mumbai.
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Hafele's MatrixBox Premium+ Redefines Drawer Systems

Manufactured at Hafele’s own factory in Kenzingen, Germany, MatrixBox is a unique drawer system which operates smoothly, opens swiftly and closes with precision and offers a tactile luxury where every operation reflects its superior build quality and usability.
Hafele&#... (more)
Premium Appliances by Hafele

Hafele’s Premium Appliances have been catering to the demands of its audience since the year 2014 by offering innovative technologies and comprehensive solutions. Hafele Premium Appliances has also introduced many new technologies to India over the years. The product range to come with the fi... (more)
Opalus Series Lever Handles by Hafele

Every time we enter a new space, it all begins with a ‘first touch’ – the door handle. When we take hold of it, new spaces, expanses and whole new worlds open up to us. And so, we believe that the door handle acts as a connecting element between people and spaces.
ProDoor Aluminium Profiles by Hafele

In the world of design, trends change and evolve continuously with new innovation and technology. Keeping up with them and bringing to you the latest, technologically advanced and price-competent solutions for your home interiors is what we at Hafele strive to achieve. Kitchen as an area of the hou... (more)
Motorised Wardrobe Lift by Hafele

Whether it is to get your hands on your favourite jacket or to find that stunning tie, a neatly organized wardrobe will enable you to achieve both these tasks effortlessly. Maximum utilization of the wardrobe real estate itself plays a key role in this and making this real estate easily accessible,... (more)
Dekton - Ultra - Compact Surfaces by Hafele

Hafele partners with world’s first ultra-compact surface manufacturer - Dekton to offer you unique surfaces created through an innovative combination of 28 natural minerals found in nature. Its exclusive Ultra Compacting Technology replicates and enhances the metamorphic changes that natural ... (more)
Florus and Florio Kitchen Faucets by Hafele

Contemporary kitchens exude their own distinct personality, mirroring the unique lifestyle and traditions of the people living there. A kitchen is said to be known as an epicenter that brings people together, where interactions and indulgence take place in various zones while performing different a... (more)
Falmec Shelf Cookerhood by Hafele

Hafele’s Falmec Luxury Appliances are a perfect balance between state-of-the-art technology, elegance and attention to detail. The new Elements collection transcends the usual boundaries of aspiration, transforming the fundamental function regarding the quality of the environment and everyday... (more)
Hafele's Kitchen Storage Solutions

Hafele’s premium range of efficient, ergonomic and holistic storage solutions have been cleverly designed to not only utilise the space available in your kitchen effectively, but to also optimise functionality so that you, our customer can get ‘more life per meter square’. The ran... (more)
Free Lift Systems by Hafele

The fittings of the Free family give flaps new freedom in movement. This opens up more opportunities in the visual and technical design of furniture and has tangible benefits compared to hinged doors. But above all, it gives the furniture and the room undreamt elegance and lightness. It doesn&rsquo... (more)