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Ramagya Sports Academy was established in 2009 and within a short span of its existence it has already established itself as the Best sports academy in Noida and is ranked amongst top 10 Sports Academies in India. In the contemporary times when the lifestyle of the people has become sedentary, we at Ramagya Sports Academy have something for everyone. We at Ramagya envisage developing Sporty Culture among the people of the nation. For us, holistic health for all is equally essential as healthy citizens contribute not only in the development of GDP but also strive to bring name, laurels and glory for the nation.
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Ramagya Sports Academy Empowering Women in Sports and Celebrating Fearless Athletes

In a world where gender equality and empowerment are gaining increasing importance, Ramagya Sports Academy, one of the top sports academies in India, stands at the forefront of promoting equal participation of men and women in sports and celebrating their achievements. With a commitment to fosterin... (more)
Ramagya Sports Academy Announces Safety Measures while Providing Top-notch Sports Training amid Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic forced the world’s population to alter daily routines, including exercise habits. This unusual situation has physical, psychological, and behavioural consequences for all individuals, including elite and recreational athletes. Life in lockdown has been difficult becau... (more)
Ramagya Group Announces 2019 Edition of Noida Sports League

After successfully putting a spell over a boisterous cheering crowd of the audience last year, the most inspiring sporting extravaganza ‘Noida Sports League’ organised by Ramagya Sports Academy is all set to kick start once again. Back with a bang the Noida Sports League in its 2019 ed... (more)