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Shaping Tomorrow's Trading Today: UbitEx - The AI Crypto Trading Trailblazer

As the world's largest derivatives trading platform designed for market makers, UbitEx is emerging as a frontrunner in this space. UbitEx is redefining the landscape of crypto trading with its industry-lead...

Jul 05, 2024 12:10 IST  

Octanom Tech's Wins "Wealth Tech of the Year" at the Business World Fintech Festival

Pioneered by finance expert Rahul Ghose, Octanom Tech, a leading Investech firm that runs “India’s first 'Hedged-style' Investment & Trading platform” is proud to have be...

Jul 04, 2024 18:03 IST  

Software Technology Parks of India, Apiary CoE Launches Pollen Propel Pre-Incubation Program to Promote Blockchain Startup Ecosystem

STPI Apiary,a Centre of Entrepreneurship (CoE) in pioneering blockchain technology launched the pioneering Pollen Propel Pre-Incubation Programaimed at capacity building for tech students. The ...

Jun 18, 2024 17:52 IST  

Revolutionising Rubber: IRMRI and Emertech Unveil India's First Blockchain-Enabled Certification

The Indian Rubber Manufacturers Research Institute (IRMRI) and Emertech Innovations Pvt. Ltd. are excited to announce the successful completion of India's first initiative to incorporate bl...

May 07, 2024 11:25 IST  

Tappy Technologies Partners with IndusInd Bank and Thales to Launch Indus PayWear, India's First Tokenization Solution for Wearable Payments

Tappy Technologies, a trailblazer in digital payment innovations, has launched India's pioneering tokenization solution for wearable payments, developed in partnership with IndusInd Bank and Thales. This co...

Mar 20, 2024 11:30 IST  

63 moons Unveils Innovative Technology Universe of Cybersecurity, Web 3.0 & Blockchain, and LegalTech

63 moons technologies limited with a track record of pioneering next-generation disruptive technologies, unveiled its path-breaking innovative technology initiatives in the domains of ...

Dec 06, 2023 10:58 IST  

RealX Achieves a Milestone Achievement in Real World Digital Assets Space

RealX, a platform for fractional ownership of properties held as Digital Asset tokens, announces completion of its first commercial transaction that recorded property co-ownership on Blockchain...

Aug 09, 2023 18:00 IST  

Experts discuss the future of blockchain technology in India's startup revolution

As a part of Startup 20 engagement forum of the G20 presidency, Savishkar India, in collaboration with National Stock Exchange (NSE), Anantam ecosystem and Digital Prosperity for Asia (DPA) organized a roundtab...

Jul 22, 2023 13:18 IST  

Bagrry's Enters Blockchain with their Digital Collectibles Launching in OneRare Foodverse

Bagrry’s, the leading brand of breakfast cereals & health foods in the Indian subcontinent, has announced the entry into the metaverse through Launch of its Product range, such as Mue...

Jun 21, 2023 12:22 IST  

OVO Farm is Revolutionising the Egg Industry by Using Blockchain Technology

OVO Farm, One of India’s most advanced egg producing companies, is leading the charge to disrupt the Indian egg industry with its product and process innovation in order to bring trust an...

Jun 14, 2023 15:01 IST