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"Growing Influence of Generative AI Underscores the Critical Need for a Unified Regulatory Framework," says Leading BFSI Expert Alok Bansal

In the throes of India's digital revolution, the rise of Generative AI is nothing short of a game-changer. As technology reshapes industries at breakneck speed, the need for swift adaptation becomes paramou...

Sep 21, 2023 14:42 IST  

Truecaller reaffirms commitment to users, Empowers People to 'TAKE THE RIGHT CALL' with "True" New Identity

The refreshed logo signifies a renewed and strong focus on consumer privacy and enhanced safety in communication

Sep 20, 2023 17:15 IST  

HR Anexi Summit - Futurescope 2023: Shaping the Future of HR, Technology, Business, and Leadership

The HR Anexi Summit 2023 - Futurescope, a 2-day summit organized by HR Anexi, a leading strategic HR and business consulting firm, brought together Business Owners, CEOs, C-Suite Executive...

Sep 18, 2023 11:28 IST  

IAF Collaborates with the Indian Government on Five Key AI Initiatives for National Progress

The Indian government, in its steadfast commitment to pioneering growth, has launched five innovative artificial intelligence (AI) initiatives focused on governance and social development. AI financing platform...

Sep 11, 2023 16:09 IST  

Smytten Launches AI-Powered Platform Smytten Pulse to Revolutionise Consumer Analytics & Research for FMCG Brands

Smytten, India’s largest tech-enabled product discovery and trial platform, has launched Smytten Pulse, a groundbreaking data solutions & cons...

Sep 08, 2023 10:10 IST  

AcadAlly: Revolutionizing Education with NEP-Aligned Practices and Data-Driven Analytics

AcadAlly, a pioneer of AI-powered tech solutions aims to revolutionise the education landscape by embracing National Education Policy (NEP)-aligned teaching practices and harne...

Aug 22, 2023 15:50 IST  

SquadStack Spearheads the AI Revolution: Transforming India's Telecalling Landscape

SquadStack, a pioneering Indian startup, is revolutionizing the telecalling industry with its modern, tech and data-first approach. As a leader in the space, SquadStack empowers enterprises and SMEs with best-in-class connectivity, usage-based pricing,...

Aug 07, 2023 16:46 IST  

Indigenous Virtual Cow Farming: Reinventing Traditional Dairy Practices Through Technology

The advent of technology has permeated all sectors of life, and agriculture is no exception. Leveraging the boundless potentials of the digital sphere, a new business idea has surfaced - Indigenous Virt...

Jul 26, 2023 15:23 IST  

InsightMonk Revolutionizes DeepTech Knowledge Sharing with BIS Research's New Subscription Model

BIS Research, a market intelligence and advisory firm specializing in deep and emerging technologies trends, has announced the launch of a new subscription-based pricing model for its subsidiary, InsightMonk. P...

Jul 22, 2023 10:55 IST  

Netradyne Conferred with the FICCI Road Safety Award

Netradyne, a leading provider of artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning-based solutions for driver and fleet safety, has been honoured with the prestigious FICCI...

Jul 19, 2023 16:07 IST  

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