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Sachet Loan Surge: D2C Brands Borrow INR 243+ Crores to Meet Early End of Season Sale Frenzy: Instamojo #D2CDecoded Report

Sachet Loans seem to be positively correlated to business growth, for every 1% increase in Sachet Loan borrowing, businesses saw sales grow by 0.5%

Sep 25, 2023 13:35 IST  

Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposits: Where Security Meets High Returns

Some investment options offer high security, but the yield is low, while others promise higher returns but come with increased risks. However, there is a financial instrument that stands out for its ability to ...

Sep 22, 2023 16:55 IST  

The Silent Wealth Builder: How FDs Harness Compound Interest

Fixed deposits (FDs) are a popular investment choice in India, offering a combination of predictability, stability, and security. But one of the most overlooked benefits of FDs is their ability to harness compo...

Sep 21, 2023 16:24 IST  

Here's how Bajaj Finserv Mutual Fund uses behavioural finance in its investment philosophy

In the world of finance, emotions and human psychology often play an important role in shaping investment decisions and market behaviour. Understanding the relationship between these psychological factors and f...

Sep 21, 2023 15:33 IST  

Credmudra, a Startup from Madhya Pradesh, is Disrupting the Fintech Lending in Bharat

Credmudra, a Zappian Fintech Pvt. Ltd. company, is Bharat's pioneering loan matchmaking platform, ready to mark a significant stride in the fintech landscape. Founded by Arif Khan, a s...

Sep 21, 2023 14:38 IST  

RazorpayX Payroll Expands, Launches Automated Solutions for Indian Enterprises; Set to Help Save 60% Costs on Payroll Management

The newly launched solution includes features like employees receiving payslips and filing for reimbursement via WhatsApp

Sep 21, 2023 13:34 IST  

Earning While You Sleep: The Benefits of Fixed Deposits for Passive Income

Earning money while you sleep may sound like a dream. But with Fixed Deposits (FDs), this dream can become a reality. FDs offer a reliable and time-tested way to generate passive income, allowing your money to ...

Sep 19, 2023 10:24 IST  

Best Methods to Retire by 50

Introduction to Early Retirement 

Ever contemplated the idea of hangi...

Sep 19, 2023 10:23 IST  

What Is the Safest Investment with the Highest Return in India?

In investments, seeking high returns and safety can often be seen as competing ideals. Investors seek opportunities that offer robust profitability while mitigating risks associated with volatile markets - this...

Sep 18, 2023 15:52 IST  

The Power of Compound Interest: Here's how FDs can be a good investment choice

Compound interest is a vital element in investments, with the ability to convert modest savings into significant wealth over time. While various ...

Sep 15, 2023 15:14 IST