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COVID-19 Impact: Bilsir Proves a Boon for Job Seekers

Jun 09, 2020 11:38 IST 
Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

As the global pandemic Coronavirus, known as COVID-19, has already triggered scores of layoffs across the country, Bilsir, a job search engine is proving to be a boon to a number of jobless in various sectors at a time when job market is witnessing churning.


It has been witnessed that despite hit, many sectors such as IT, BPO/ITES, BFSI, accounting/finance etc keep hiring people for remote work. Meanwhile, a number of job seekers turned up on for the same.


    Mr. Pratik Singh

Talking about the Bilsir, Pratik Singh, one of the Founders and Partner of Green Arrowhead LLP said, “It is an indigenous vertical search engine focused on job search and provide listings for all category of corporate and non-corporate job positions. It indexes web pages based on the quality/relevance of page content and page source. This approach is more relevant, in the context of job search, in comparison to the indexing approaches of most of prominent generic search engines.”


Mr. Pratik Singh further said that Green Arrowhead LLP, the owner of Bilsir, is focused on indigenous technological innovations for solving problems currently being served by foreign technology companies.


To hasten the development process, Green Arrowhead uses combination of open source and close source technologies. Ultimate aim of Green Arrowhead is to provide more localised and more innovative alternates to Indian consumers.


Established in 2010, Green Arrowhead LLP was created to develop indigenous software solutions, long before terms like ‘Make in India’, ‘Technology Independence’, ‘Indigenous Technologies’ became popular. At the time of establishment, founders were in US. However, they soon realize that for the idea of indigenous technology to materialize their presence was required in India. So, the founders shifted back to India in 2013.

Mr. Pratik Singh
Mr. Pratik Singh
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