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Lifeline Medics Comes up with 'Vimarjan 3.0' a Disinfectant Funnel Helping to Control COVID Spread

Jun 17, 2020 13:23 IST 
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

A cost-effective automatic disinfectant tunnel has been developed by a Bengaluru-based company, Lifeline Medics. It is a non-human contact-less product which uses natural disinfectants. The ‘Made In India’ product is a revolutionary product to fight COVID-19 that provides trust to businesses, schools and the common people.


India has reached fourth position in COVID cases now. Lifeline Medics an innovative start-up has come up with unique products and ideas to control the spread.


Vimarjan 3.0 is a complete automatic disinfectant tunnel which has all the features and benefits to control the contamination of all the pathogens. It will be a completely non human contactless solution which will record the temperature of the individual and a sensor based automatic sanitiser will be there for hands. An Ultraviolet based box would be helpful in disinfecting the helmets jackets, bags and masks.


Vimarjan 3.0 is a completely natural and toxic free disinfection system where ozone diffusers are used with a technology of producing ozone and mixing it with the water. This system would help the individual to get disinfected upto 95% and the possibility of virus staying alive on the surface. Vimarajan 3.0 also focuses on every minute detail of the surface and carefully designed as per the international standards.


It is ISO, GMP and CE certified. We are also working on a six sigma method technique to achieve the best quality to ensure smooth flow of the process.


Uses and benefits

Vimarjan 3.0 is the need of the hour since lockdown is removed and the places of worship, malls, theatres and public transport have started the need of disinfection systems are needed. Medical professionals can use PPE kits to safeguard them but public also needs a system to keep themselves safe and healthy.


Vimarjan 3.0 is a customisable product as per the needs with different sizes even though technology remains the same. Since the initiative is from an Indian to the Indians it will be affordable to individuals and small business owners.


Lifeline Medics is a start-up from Bengaluru. Mr. Rajaram the Founder is a graduate in the field of Innovative design and ideas from MIT & Colombia school of business. Even though during lockdown India seemed to have controlled the COVID spread but now looking at the numbers alarmingly raising and we are in the fourth position in the world, Lifeline medics had done a research on this in detail and come up with an extraordinary solution to sanitize and control the spread which happens through contact transfer.


Lifeline Medics has planned to give distribution rights to people who are interested in this product with maximum support of marketing and service to the end users. Lifeline medics also has several unique products for social distancing and sanitisation of premises with effective results.

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