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Our Primary Purpose is to Offer Real Wealth for Every Indian: BBG MD Mallikarjun Reddy

Oct 27, 2020 16:09 IST 
Hyderabad, Telangana, India

Building Blocks Group is a leading real estate company in Telangana & Andhra Pradesh that fulfils the dreams of owning a piece of land by driving opportunities in the real estate sector. The company is known to work widely throughout the Indian Subcontinent, and it comprises of Indians.


BBG group’s philosophy depends upon “Your True Wealth"


The group comprises of seasoned experts who hold a massive experience of thirty years. Its core values include transparency, the promise of delivery, growth, integrity, massive scale development, and excellence to deliver the land of prosperity to their clients.


BBG’s philosophy is slightly different and unique from the standard philosophy. Mainly their philosophy depends upon “Your True Wealth". When asked about their wealth, the majority of the people talk about the money made by them, cars owned by them, houses built, and gold accumulated.


But as per BBG'S philosophy, when a person looks down to himself, then the real wealth is the dreams of their children or family that one genuinely cares for. At BBG, lands aren't sold as land for them is a medium to achieve your real wealth. The company helps you in investing in your dreams.


Mallikarjun Reddy, Chairman & Managing Director of BBG India shares, “The primary purpose of BBG is to offer real wealth for every Indian. The land is one of the most stable, low-risk investment opportunities for all Indians. You can earn the highest returns compared to any other investment options by investing in the right land at the right time.” 


The mission of the company is to ensure that land investment is affordable for all the families so they can make their families secured and also pursue their goals with great confidence. The strategy BBG uses is that they own vast pieces of land and convert them into small pieces so everyone can afford it. Thus they offer great investment opportunities for all.

BBG group’s philosophy depends upon “Your True Wealth
BBG group’s philosophy depends upon “Your True Wealth"
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