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Kauvery Heart City-Trichy, Performs Complex Cardiac Surgery on 4-year-old Child

Obstruction in the Superior Vena Cava (Upper body vein connecting heart)

Aug 05, 2021 17:04 IST 
Trichy, Tamil Nadu, India

Kauvery Heart City -Trichy, an exclusive unit for cardiac care, successfully performed a complex cardiac surgery on a 4-year-old girl child. The patient was diagnosed with obstruction in the superior vena cava (upper body vein connecting heart and lung).


The child who came from the district of Tenkasi, was diagnosed with a complex heart disease when she was 60 days old. The condition known as atrio ventricular septal defect with pulmonary atresia - where there are large holes between the top and bottom two chambers of the heart, abnormal heart valves as well as absence of connection between the heart and the lung. Due to financial limitations of the family, the child was given a palliative solution where the blood flow between the heart and lungs was improved by connecting the veins of the upper body directly to the lung. As she hit the age of 4, she started to develop breathing issues and became tired easily, due to inadequate blood flow from heart to lungs.


Speaking on the case, Dr. Mani Ram Krishna, Pediatric Cardiologist, Kauvery Heart City said, "The child needed a complete repair in the holes of the heart, strengthening of heart valves, and establishing a smooth blood flow from heart to lungs. In addition, the previous surgery will need to be undone in order to normalize the circulation. The surgery was performed with our team of surgeons and also through crowd funding, as the parents of the child could not afford the surgery."


However, after completing 3 months post surgery, the child started to develop swelling in her eyes and frequent headaches. Upon echocardiogram tests, it was found that there was an obstruction in the SVC (Superior Vena cava), the upper body vein which had been reattached to the heart.


"She needed a specialized procedure, SVC stenting, which is usually only done in big pediatric cardiac centers in the country. The patient's financial condition meant that the cost of the stent and the procedure were prohibitive. Once again kind donors agreed to cover the cost of the stent and the hospital administration agreed to reduce the procedure cost. Under the careful eyes of the cardiac anesthesia team, the child underwent this complex procedure during which a stent was placed to relieve the narrowing in the vein," added Dr. Mani Ram Krishna.


The headache and eye puffiness disappeared almost instantaneously and echocardiogram reports were also normal. The relief on the mother's face showed us the real success of the procedure.


"Kauvery Heart City has been treating a lot of patients with rare complex cardiac conditions, and with right infrastructure and expertise we have been able to cater to the patients across different age groups. I congratulate Dr. Mani Ram Krishna, Pediatric Cardiologist, Dr. Pravin and Dr. Karupaiah, Cardiac Anesthesiologist and the entire cath lab team at Kauvery Heart City as well as the hospital management for successfully treating the child thus giving her a new lease of life," said Dr. Manivannan Selvaraj, Founder and Managing Director, Kauvery Group of Hospitals.

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