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Alt Co. Intensifies its Vision to go Green and Launches a Plant-based Oat-milk as the New Alternative

Sep 20, 2021 15:19 IST 
New Delhi, Delhi, India

With the conversations around health increasing along with the awareness of having an appropriate diet, a lot of people are switching to a healthier way of living and turning green with their dietary regimes. The pandemic might have interfered with the nutriment routine initially but brands such as Alt Co. are stepping up to help people satiate their meal cravings with green alternatives. 


Alt Co., a sustainable plant-based alternative brand, is all set to introduce a new nutriment in its portfolio of healthy meals, and include plant-based oat milk that will revolutionise patrons' diets for good. The oat milk will be available across all online and offline mediums like Amazon, FoodHall, Natures Basket etc. Prepared under high levels of hygiene without any compromises with the quality, this plant-based oat milk will aid in resolving the meal-interruptions due to COVID and smoothen the creases on the diet-front for people who aspire to eat healthy without causing any deliberate harm to the environment or animals.


Alt Co. has been considerate towards taking care of customers' nourishing meals and helping them live sustainably with zero trips to guilt-land. Founded in 2021 by Mr. Basan Patil, Rithwik Ramesh, Sumair Sachdev and Rohit Kalro, the company is a result of their passion to offer cruelty-free meals and satiate the consumers' temptations the green way. Alt Co. intends to cater to diverse palates without compromising their lifestyle and principles


With an all-new category of oat milk and affordable pricing at an MRP of 299, the brand is enabling the foodies to savour healthy delights anytime at home. Alt Co. is also planning to launch new plant-based products like ice creams, yoghurts and others in the coming months.


Speaking about the latest initiative, Mr. Basan Patil, Co-founder, Alt Co. says, “Oat Milk has been growing at a much faster pace than other plant based milks, and is soon to overtake Almond/Soy. Oat Milk is the fastest growing plant milk category, currently the 2nd most consumed plant based milk in the US. We foresee the same trend in India.


The soaring demand has led the plant based healthy food sector to be one of the industries getting high traction while guaranteeing a long shelf life of milk. Freezing and storing prevent impacting the freshness and original taste of oat milk, hence serving to be of great help. Keeping all these measures in consideration, Alt Co. is leading the way for others in the sector to follow suit. The brand is working relentlessly to serve its patrons with an extensive array of plant-based alternatives and further looks forward to satiating their temptations the green way.


In the words of Rithwik Ramesh, Co-founder, Alt Co., “Oat has become a huge trend with millennials consuming oats for breakfast and a lot of people are switching to Coffee with Oat Milk, we also foresee that people will switch to using Oat Milk with their breakfast Oats."

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