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India's Premier Electric Vehicle (EV) Conference, EVConIndia, Returns This July at The Leela, Gurugram

An agenda-setting confluence of Industry Leaders, Subject Matter Experts, Investors, Innovators, Leading Startups & Policy Stakeholders will discuss the Future of Electric Vehicles at EVConIndia 2022

Jun 22, 2022 15:43 IST 
New Delhi, Delhi, India

The Blue Circle, an exclusive sector-specific community for leaders, today announced EVConIndia - Electric Vehicles: Spotting the Challenges and Collectively charting the Course. EVConIndia, the country’s Premier Electric Vehicle (EV) Conference (Exclusively for Leaders) will be held on July 29, 2022, at The Leela Ambience, Gurugram.


A glimpse of EVConIndia, India's Premier Electric Vehicle (EV) Conference (Exclusively for Leaders) organized by Blue Circle, held in 2019

The government has made abundantly clear its intent to promote electric vehicle (EV) future in India and has set targets for it. All three-wheelers manufactured in India would have to be electrically powered by 2023, two-wheelers with engine capacities of up to 150cc manufactured in India should be electrical by 2025, and 30 percent of cars sold after 2030 should be electrified. Similarly, Public Transport and E-Commerce are also to embrace EVs.

The sector faces existing and emerging roadblocks despite its huge growth potential. Several of these challenges arise due to multisectoral footprint of this sector. Apart from the needed technological and commercial changes, it is also necessary to transform the power, energy storage, and real estate infrastructure. EVConIndia provides the confluence of thought leaders and practitioners from all relevant areas to map the EV ecosystem and come up with a well-considered roadmap for the mass manufacturing and adoption of EVs in India. July brings Monsoon and EVCON to India, and many leaders are looking forward to being there,” said Siddharth Anand, Founder and CEO, Blue Circle.

A full-day offline event, EVConIndia 2022 will witness 100+ Industry Leaders, Subject Matter Experts, Investors, Innovators, Leading Startups, Top Government Officials & Policy Stakeholders together to discuss, debate and analyze the growing possibilities and future developments for the hybridization and full electrification of automobiles.

For the EV industry to move forward, several issues must be addressed: quality concerns, mass adoption, charging infrastructure, and required capital and ecosystem. To resolve these issues and facilitate the industry's development, it requires various ministries like the Ministry of Heavy Industries, Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Ministry of Power, and the Ministry of Commerce and Industry to promote open collaboration with the private sector. However, the process is often not straightforward. Therefore, Blue circle will distil the advice of the captains of the industry and forward it to the relevant ministries. The list of dignitaries and other details will be released soon. Leading brands like Log9 Materials, Hero Electric, Indian Angel Network, and Alvarez & Marsal have already confirmed their partnerships, and we are overwhelmed by the interest received from several more sponsors across sectors,” said Goutam Anand, Co-founder, The Blue Circle.

The agenda of EVConIndia will revolve around the current priorities of the industry:


  • Providing & communicating Reassurance on range anxiety, vehicular strength, and battery safety-with specific reference to Two-wheelers

  • Four-wheelers - Roadmap for Mass Adoption in India 

  • Advancing electrification of e-commerce deliveries in India-wrt 2 & 3 wheelers

  • Role of finance in India’s transition of electric vehicles-Startup and charging infrastructure funding

  • Charging Session: Overcoming regulatory, technical & commercial challenges for EV charging Infrastructure 

  • And Competitive technologies mapping


Siddharth goes on to add, “What a participant can expect at EVConIndia 2022 can be best anticipated by reminiscing observations from discerning leaders about the last offline EVCON in 2019.”

Sunjoy Joshi (Chairman, ORF) said, “I have been to two previous conferences by Blue Circle and have always been amazed by the kind of crowd they draw, which is quite different from what one usually interacts. Here, you have a group of people in the thick of things; who have to take tough decisions rather than the ones who will just talk shop and go away. I must say hats off to Blue Circle Team, it’s a great effort.


Ankit Nanavati (Associate Director - Brand, Marketing & Communications, EY) exulted, “What an amazing event. It is extremely important to bring the right kind of leaders together to discuss what is so crucial in the current scheme of things not just for the industry as well as the nation. The Blue Circle has done a fabulous job of bringing the right thought leadership to the table. Avendus was a partner to the event and it was a splendid experience. I think co-curating an event of this kind is very important to Avendus since we believe that we are industry leaders and we like to contribute to the industry and the overall ecosystem.”

Akash Gupta (Co-founder, Zypp) said, “Well, frankly I’ve been attending a lot of EV panels of late. But this one was very interesting because of the quality of people that were there on the panel, that’s one. Blue Circle, you're heading in the right direction; nice panel, nice questions, and great curation. Happy to be a part of it that’s for sure. As I always say, EVs are where the internet was 20 years ago, and mobility was 10 years ago. In the panel, we talked about who makes motors, who makes batteries, who is doing shared mobility, and who is financing EVs and every part is right now open for disruption. That's why we at Mobycy have taken a strong stand to just focus on EVs and we are doing so many innovations on doing daily. So, my ask would be, if you want to enter the EV space, then pick a problem and start solving it and you have something great building up. Obviously, the journey for all startups is tough, but unless you don’t get into it, you won’t realize the fun also.”


Anil Srivastava, (Former Principal Consultant & Mission Director-National Mission on Transformative Mobility and Battery, Niti Aayog) commented, “It was a good event and I’m impressed the way you have organized it. To have sought the participation of different stakeholders, I am hopeful this will go a long way in promoting the thought and popularizing and getting the awareness of Electric Vehicles and cleaner sources of energy for mobility. There’s something happening, and there’s no denying the fact India is going to move forward toward Electric Vehicles and the cleaner sources of Mobility. But, the issue is how to position as a global leader. So, it is important that you make the best use of the Indian size & scale and work on it to reach a global leadership position. Make in India and Make it for the Globe.”

Siddharth added, “EVCON 2022 will also have a Start-up REV Program to encourage and help build the start-up ecosystem where selected companies will get the opportunity to raise funds. This session will be conducted in partnership with Indian Angel Network and will have the likes of Padmaja Ruparel gracing the deliberations.”

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A glimpse of EVConIndia, India's Premier Electric Vehicle (EV) Conference (Exclusively for Leaders) organized by Blue Circle, held in 2019
A glimpse of EVConIndia, India's Premier Electric Vehicle (EV) Conference (Exclusively for Leaders) organized by Blue Circle, held in 2019
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