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Bajaj Finance FD rates have been revised w.e.f 1st July 2022, now earn returns up to 7.75 percent p.a.

Jul 05, 2022 11:41 IST 
Pune, Maharashtra, India

In these unpredictable times, a sound investment strategy can help one's hard-earned money expand while protecting it from market volatility. According to experts, one should match their investments to risk tolerance, financial goals, and anticipated returns.


The most common investment option is a fixed deposit, which is immune to market swings. It is also a secure investment vehicle that guarantees significant profits. Banks, post offices, and non-banking financial institutions in India provide fixed deposits (NBFCs). These financiers each have a unique set of benefits and traits.


Bajaj Finance offers high FD rates and deposit security when investing money in a safe investment vehicle like an FD for long-term capital growth. Here are the top secure investing choices you may make to protect your hard-earned cash:


1. Fixed Deposits

The safest and most popular investment option is a fixed deposit (FD). It has been the most reliable option for many people unwilling to risk their assets. One of the finest solutions during market volatility is to invest in Bajaj Finance fixed deposits. It offers consistent and specific results. Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposits enjoy a (ICRA)AAA(Stable), indicating the highest level of safety and lowest investment risk.


The following are some essential characteristics of a Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit:

  • Earn interest returns of up to 7.75% p.a.

  • Investment starts at just Rs. 15,000.

  • The flexible tenor for higher returns

  • Regular income with multiple payment options.

  • Senior citizens receive additional rate benefits of up to 0.25%.


If a person invests Rs. 3 lakh in Bajaj Finance FD on or after 1st July, 20222. The interest rate and the total earnings are as mentioned below:


Tenor in months

Below 60 years

Senior citizens

Interest rate (% p.a.)




Maturity Amount

Interest rate (% p.a.)

Interest earned

Maturity Amount 



Rs. 18,600

Rs. 3,18,600


Rs. 19,350

Rs. 3,19,350



Rs. 43,149

Rs. 3,43,149


Rs. 44,755

Rs. 3,44,755



Rs. 62,744

Rs. 3,62,744


Rs. 65,076

Rs. 3,65,076



Rs. 91,908

Rs. 3,91,908


Rs. 94,443

Rs. 3,94,443



Rs. 1,28,689

Rs. 4,28,689


Rs. 1,33,702

Rs. 4,33,702


All the results mentioned above were computed using the Bajaj Finance FD calculator.


2. Systematic Deposit Plan

A Systematic Investment Plan-like monthly savings strategy known as the Systematic Deposit Plan (SDP) combines the advantages of fixed deposits with the routine of regular savings. But the SDP is unaffected by changes in the market, unlike a SIP. The Bajaj Finance Systematic Deposit Programme (SDP) encourages consumers to develop a positive investment habit and enables them to begin investing with as little as Rs. 5,000 each month. Even better, it offers the same advantages of compounding, by which someone who persistently saves over a long period can gain a lot.


With the Systematic Deposit Plan from Bajaj Finance:

  • Investments can be made for as little as Rs. 5,000.

  • Investors below 60 years can expect annual returns of up to 7.50% p.a.

  • Senior citizens receive additional rate benefits of 0.25% and returns up to 7.75% p.a.


The revised SDP interest rate offered by Bajaj Finance are:


Tenor in



below 60 years

Senior citizens

12 - 23 months

6.20% p.a.

6.45% p.a.

24 - 35 months

6.95% p.a.

7.20% p.a.

36 - 60 months

7.40% p.a.

7.65% p.a.


Special interest rates are also offered for specific tenors.


Tenor in months

Customers below 60 years

Senior citizens

15 months

6.40% p.a.

6.65% p.a.

18 months

6.50% p.a.

6.75% p.a.

22 months

6.65% p.a.

6.90% p.a.

30 months

7.05% p.a.

7.30% p.a.

33 months

7.15% p.a.

7.40% p.a.

44 months

7.50% p.a.

7.75% p.a.


Individuals can select a flexible payment method through the SDP. The Monthly Maturity Scheme matures on a different date based on your chosen tenor, but the Single Maturity Scheme allows you to receive a lump sum upon maturity.


An excellent strategy to build wealth for your future is by investing. You could occasionally fail to consider specific details, such as market volatility, which can harm your investments. The objective is to invest in less volatile items and meet your risk profile. Fixed deposits and Bajaj Finance's Systematic Deposit Plan are both excellent investment choices for people who want their funds to grow without the dangers associated with market swings.

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