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Hafele Introduces its Latest State-of-the-art Aluminium Kitchen Profiles-Profin and Prodoor

Jul 08, 2022 14:56 IST 
Bangalore, Karnataka, India

In the world of design, trends change and evolve continuously with new innovation and technology. Keeping up with them and bringing to you the latest, technologically advanced and price-competent solutions for your home interiors is what we at Hafele strive to achieve. Kitchen as an area of the house, especially with many now opting for contemporary layouts that foster openness and community building activities among family members, often attracts the potential for constant innovation through the ever-evolving usage patterns and the ever-changing definitions of functionality and ergonomics. Hafele presents Profin and Prodoor that together form a comprehensive collection of cutting-edge Aluminium Profiles which helps you achieve state-of-the-art, stylish as well as functional aesthetics across your interior spaces.


Hafele introduces its latest State-of-the-art Aluminium Kitchen profiles-Prodoor


The Profin Range of Aluminium Profiles consists of four different categories of profiles - Gola Profiles, Stack Modular Shelving, Rail Door Profiles and Strike Shelving System. These categories exploit an individual’s sense of sophistication by proposing exciting design potentials and flawless integration. The profiles and accessories across categories, are available in five contemporary finishes - Silver, Graphite, Gold, Rose Gold and Dark Bronze. Whether you opt for a dark kitchen or follow the recent trend of adapting metallic hues, Hafele’s versatile range of profiles blends in perfectly with all colour schemes. When used in contrast, they stand out like jewelled embellishments that radiate across the kitchen.


The ProDoor Range enables you to visualise your furniture as a canvas and will let you play around with fittings, bringing to you the possibility of achieving trends such as handle-less doors, adaptive colour schemes, vintage-inspired contemporary designs and clean door designs with no visible hardware. It attempts to provide you with an array of profile systems for constructing cabinet doors that flawlessly complement the overall design aesthetics of not only the kitchen but also other living spaces of your home and have the potential of upgrading them to their most contemporary version yet. The range comprises of Match Door, Plusch Door, Klar Door and Wardrobe Rail. These door systems are available in two classic finishes, Brushed Stainless Steel for silent sophistication and Brushed Black for a hint of dramatic flair.


The Profin and ProDoor Ranges of Aluminium Profiles that were displayed at Hafele’s booth in Indiawood 2022 are manufactured using advanced technology with meticulous precision that augments user-friendliness and ensures utmost ease of installation. If you missed visiting the Indiawood Exhibition 2022 or want to relive some of the concepts that were expressed through the Hafele DNA theme at the Hafele Booth, you can visit  and get all the information you need.

Hafele introduces its latest State-of-the-art Aluminium Kitchen profiles-Prodoor
Hafele introduces its latest State-of-the-art Aluminium Kitchen profiles-Prodoor
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