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Techfetch - USA's Top Tech Jobs Portal - Launches Techfetch H1B - a Full-featured H1B Resource

Techfetch H1B - A one-stop destination for all the latest H-1B visa news, updates and insights

Jul 25, 2022 16:40 IST 
United States

Techfetch - A prominent name in the US IT recruitment industry has announced its latest venture - Techfetch H1B - a comprehensive portal that delivers rich, useful content for applicants from India seeking H-1B visas.


The H-1B visa has always been the most coveted visa for Indian techies, a golden ticket that would allow them to fulfil their dream of “working onsite” and earning money in “dollars”. Techfetch H1b is committed to keeping this American dream alive by providing one-stop access to H-1b visa news and US immigration-related information. Using official sources and user experiences, Techfetch H1b strives to equip every Indian student or IT professional with up-to-date knowledge about immigration requirements and visa processes. 


When it comes to H-1B information, Techfetch H1B is a comprehensive portal that has you fully covered. The full-featured H-1B information portal addresses every query related to H-1B visas, the rules, the norms, the dos, and the don'ts. With its comprehensive guide on H-1B visas, updated information about visa status tracking, tips and tricks for handling H-1B visa interview questions, and insights on H-1B lottery chances, Techfetch H1B is committed to offering a rich, informative hub for Indian students and job applicants seeking education and careers in the United States.


The portal also throws relevant insights on other aspects, including rules for H-1b tax filing, changing visa statuses, visa extension or transfer procedures, and much more. 


Mr. Prabakaran Murugaiah, CEO, and Founder of Techfetch, the largest IT job portal in the USA, recalls how Techfetch H1b was his long cherished dream of providing knowledge and resources to all the aspiring students and professionals in India who wish to make America their home! “Several decades ago, I came to this land of million opportunities from Tirunelveli, a tier-2 city in Tamilnadu, India. As a new immigrant, there was so much I had to learn to live in the US. Things have changed for the better since then. However, the quest for credible, relevant, and up-to-date information continues. This was the seed of thought that grew into the idea that is Techfetch H1B,Mr. Prabakaran stated. 


Having been an industry leader in the US IT recruitment market, Techfetch understands that the US immigration system is constantly evolving with changing times and priorities. Hence the team ensures that the information they provide is verified and up-to-date and is only sourced from official agency sources. The team strives to share every critical H-1B visa update or developing story as and when they happen, thus keeping the portal live and interactive.


Despite being the largest beneficiary of the H-1B visa program, Indian students and professionals continue to face a quagmire of challenges and uncertainties before seeing the light. With the launch of Techfetch H-1B, Indians seeking the H-1B visa could perhaps get one step closer to their American dream.

About Techfetch is a global technology job portal based out of Virginia, USA, that helps IT companies source the finest tech talents from around the world. Techfetch deals with a large listing of in-demand jobs for direct hires, independent contractors, and corp-corp consultants. A leading technology job board in the country, Techfetch provides a comprehensive database of active job seekers, including US citizens, H-1B visa holders, Green Card holders, and third-party agency consultants. With Techfetch H1B, the company has added another feather to its cap catering to every need of the Indian jobseeker. 


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