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Spay Fintech Private Limited

Spay Fintech Private Limited: The Best Partner for all of your Business Finances Needs is Here, Targets 300 CR Volumes for 2022-23

Aug 16, 2022 15:21 IST 
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

A supplier of financial services in emerging nations throughout the world. With a desire to expand into new business demands, it has the ability to produce cutting-edge technology that allows billions of individuals and millions of merchants to conduct business online.


It is an online payment service provider that uses over 300 payment methods and PCI-certified infrastructure to handle a million payments daily. Additionally, it focuses on developing cutting-edge consumer and small-business solutions that expand access to banking and credit in places that aren't well-served by established financial service providers.


With Over 180 clients ranging from Micro/Small Business Owners, who have previously established their companies and are looking for extra funding to grow them.


Spay is dedicated to helping the clients flourish while also having a positive influence on and promoting economic progress. Clients are the top focus, and the astronomical rise in the number of customers each year is due to our swift and effective operations.


Mission of Spay Fintech Private Limited

The mission of Spay Fintech Private Limited is to create linkages that eliminate fragmentation in the e-commerce sector. Building these links so that the clients may go cashless by digitizing how they receive payments.


Spay Fintech: The Best Partner for all of your Business Finances Needs


To enable every underserved Indian population group to live a hassle-free existence. Spay builds an unmatched platform that provides finance services to the Consumers' doorstep/or in their hands, regardless of their location, since we comprehend the Consumer wants and give services as per their lifestyle.


By assisting to increase the quality of performance, productivity, and profitability, with a focus on customers demands, Spay will assess, evaluate, and enhance the health of your company. In addition to assisting you in developing and putting in place internal controls that protect your company's assets, we can also help you improve the effectiveness, efficiency, and overall performance of the internal audit function.


100% Proprietary Tech

Covering a Fully-Stacked, Feature-Rich, Internally-Developed Payments Solution. Because of this, it can be highly customised, allowing our customers to accept payments both online and through a variety of other payment channels.


Valuable engine for E-commerce

Spay has a long list of customers thanks to our payment features on social Media, mobile, and the web, and our ease of Integration. Taking Great Pride in the Role for the Development Of E-Government, Consumer Goods, Food Delivery, and Other Services Like Taxi Apps.


Offerings of Spay Fintech Private Limited:

Through the web platforms, spay provides all the information of the customers. The internal systems are highly user-friendly, keeps the users informed of their account information, and facilitate quick and simple transactions.


Spay selects which package is best for you, which currencies to support, and how the integration should be structured in collaboration with you.


Providing clients and suppliers the tools they need to manage their cash flow, increase the efficiency of their working capital through supply chain financing, and improve their credit standing for formalised lending. Convert to digital automation from conventional techniques for order processing, credit management, inventory management, accounting, payments, etc.


To optimise corporate operations, efficiency, and productivity with fewer mistakes and lower operating costs, the backend workflow must be complete. With a thorough understanding of patterns and ideas for analysing data, reaching judgments, and taking better decisions.


Spay serves as a hub for many other financial services and makes it possible for clients with non-bank accounts to move money. With  another service that Spay offers to further improve the process' efficiency and security.


Providing a number of options for integrating the Spay payment gateway into your checkout flow - a hosted solution or two methods for inserting the payment form into your own website and interfacing with a variety of major shopping carts, and having an API for your mobile app.


Specialities of Spay Fintech Private Limited

  • Financial products

  • Payment processing

  • Payout processing

  • Banking services

  • Neobanking

  • Working Capital Loans

  • E-commerce

  • Fraud Detection

  • Payroll processing


Market Segment

  • ISPs

  • Education

  • Retail (small & large scales)

  • Utility

  • Govt

  • Insurances

  • International Markets



To achieve 300 CR volumes for this year 2022-23. 

Spay Fintech: The Best Partner for all of your Business Finances Needs
Spay Fintech: The Best Partner for all of your Business Finances Needs
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