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your-space Strengthens Senior Management Team

Makes senior hires across marketing, sales, legal and compliance

Aug 29, 2022 14:00 IST 
New Delhi, Delhi, India

India’s most loved student-housing brand, your-space, created more than 200 jobs across the nation this fiscal year. To reinforce your-space’s recent nationwide expansion 3 new senior executives were recruited for the roles across different verticals: Rishabh Bucha as the Assistant Vice President of Marketing, Chirag Sood as Assistant Vice President of Sales, and Yogesh Hunnargikar as the General Counsel.


From L to R: Rishabh Bucha, Yogesh Hunnargikar and Chirag Sood


With extensive experience in the marketing & sales sector of both startups, and corporates like Google and Zomato, Assistant Vice President, Marketing, Rishabh Bucha, will play a strategic role in growing your-space’s brand and relation-building. Chirag Sood, as Assistant Vice President, Sales, will wield his expertise from the Indian and international student housing and real-estate sector, by enabling your-space with tech solutions to drive brand growth and cover a 24/7 operational market. Spearheading the legal and compliance division of your-space, as General Counsel, will be Yogesh Hunnargika. Bringing with him more than 18 years of legal expertise from companies like Invact Metaversity, KEVT India, Bajaj Allianz, and Times Internet, Yogesh Hunnargikar is all set to guide your-space through an ever-growing market.


Assistant Vice President, Marketing, Rishabh Bucha shared his excitement of joining your-space’s leadership team. “I’m stoked to join this wonderful growth journey with your-space as we look to scale and provide a great living experience to students across the country. Our goal is to adapt, change trends and provide a seamless omnichannel experience for our users, growing this brand that students love and trust. With an exceptional founding team and a clear vision of leadership, I’m confident that we will continue on the growth trajectory.”


Shubha Lal, Co-founder and COO, your-space, said, “your-space is at a pivotal point with aggressive growth plans of doubling our numbers once again, post our recent nationwide expansion. To support this trajectory, we will need to rely on our senior management team to lead the brand towards its goals. Hiring executives with relevant experience and the ability to understand the market is key. I believe all three of these senior hires to be an invaluable addition to our team at your-space.


your-space’s nationwide expansion and future growth plans has caused a recruitment boost of over 50 employees working for the central teams of marketing, finance, operations and customer experience.


About your-space

your-space is an IIM-Cambridge initiative co-founded by former bankers, consultants, and great friends, Nidhi Kumra and Shubha Lal who recognized the disproportion in the student housing environment and created a welcoming space for young adults to find a home in. your-space was set up with the purpose of improving student-life while they work hard away from home. your-space was born with a purpose, to better the students' world while they toil hard to study away from their homes. Its foundation is cemented in four pillars of commitment: Security, Comfort, Community and Health. It is redefining student living with a unique product proposition. The core philosophy is to cultivate a student-first environment that promotes holistic well-being and personal growth. With 9000+ operational beds in 9 cities, your-space will have more than 20,000 beds by July 2022 for the coming 2022-2023 academic year. 

From L to R: Rishabh Bucha, Yogesh Hunnargikar and Chirag Sood
From L to R: Rishabh Bucha, Yogesh Hunnargikar and Chirag Sood
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