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3EA – Open Alumni: A Step Towards Transparency

Mar 16, 2019   11:46 IST 
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Every company or a consulting firm thrives on the success of their employees and how they go out to carve a niche for themselves in the industry. However, there have been many cases of misinterpreted information or communication from the ex-employees in the market. Word-of-mouth is still one of the biggest and impactful ways of communication, even though we are thriving in this digital age. The competitive market has compelled the companies to identify the need of addressing the unprecedented grave issues to unlock the future of bright young talent without getting a brand name or brand value compromised.


3EA - A Step Towards Transparency 


3EA - a universally acclaimed management consulting group has got the key to help the young candidates to witness first-hand experience of their ex-employees. Other than intimating the prospects about the work culture and the company vision, the open alumni route helps them to adapt a transparent employee data management. Adopting a very transparent approach, 3EA has a dedicated an open 'Alumni' section on their website and communications, which tells the aspiring candidates about the vast range of working opportunities and areas available at the firm. It has to be noted that this is not a very prevalent practice in the industry to list the profiles of their alumni on the website. Thus, 3EA is giving way to a change that can help potential candidates browse and connect with the ethos of the firm at their own comfort. Alumni, with whom forward-thinking companies must surely now be developing and maintaining the tightest and most well-managed of relationships at the earliest possible opportunity, 3EA makes it a point not to mention them as a part of their company's ladder of success. Every new step or a process comes with their own pros and cons, so does this concept by 3EA. Human Resources Department depends on the employee consent and feedback for much of the process. Negative feedback, inappropriate information and misleading light on the company hierarchy can land a brand into bad light. This step can be described as a coin which has two sides, one sets the transparency standards high and the other side leaves some loopholes for ex-employee history to be out in the open. However, if companies look from a neutral point of view, this practice can resolve several issues in the long run with a proper and transparent approach for employees coming in.


If this isn't happening yet with other companies, it's a seriously missed opportunity to connect with the aspiring spectrum. Other firms and companies should follow the cue of 3EA to implement such digital practices to enhance the brand positioning of their companies. The gateway to employability is focused through the careers centres of companies. Browsing everything is not a recognized feature at all levels of a certain experience about a company. This too is where alumni come in. Web sections or events showcasing alumni should not only involve the 'successful' big earners to come out from a company, but also feature and highlight bad apples who might try to spread wrong information about a company, which can be simply too harmful for any brand. 3EA has successfully managed to map out these touchpoints to create a practice which is beneficial for everyone involved. This process also helps the companies to adapt an exercise to review the management of employee, ex-employee data by offering an opportunity streamline company process and avoid unwanted risks. On the other hand, in the HR context, there may be some sensitive information about an employee’s performance or tenure at the company that can be misleading for the potential hirers. Transparency can be used to manipulate people’s opinions, or it can also be more prudent, it depends on a company, how they implement such practices to their and the employee’s benefit. We are now living in a generation that the media calls a Glassdoor generation and companies need to do their part to involve the valuable alumni more innovatively in helping our current tranche of despondent and often directionless aspirants become more employable, create more meaningful career paths and most importantly, not waste any of the working days. Days of anonymity are long gone, it is an era of ‘see to believe’ and this route by 3EA seems to be heading in the right direction, even with some considerable debate points.


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3EA - A Step Towards Transparency
3EA - A Step Towards Transparency
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