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5 Proven Ways to Achieve more Efficiency from your Data Center - NetRack

Dec 08, 2021 14:41 IST 
Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Data centers play a significant part in IT Industry, and they are getting complex by the day and hence difficult to manage. However, keeping it highly efficient is a necessity as it can help save a lot of related resources.


5 Proven Ways to Achieve more Efficiency from your Data Center


How can efficiency be achieved to a rather complex solution?


Expertise and experience in the data center management equipment arena helps in arriving at proven ways to better the functionality and output.


NetRack being the pioneer in manufacturing they have redesigned racks for data centers, has served global clients with its efficient solutions.


NetRack suggests 5 proven ways to increase data center efficiency.


1. Importance of cold and hot aisle containment in the data center

The IT Hardware generate heat in due course of operation and must be efficiently managed, or otherwise it can create thermal issues. This not only damages the equipment but also reduces the operational efficiency. The most common way to prevent thermal issue is through aisle containment. A data center containment is of two types: cold aisle and hot aisle containments. The hot aisle confines the hot air and sends it back to PAC through a duct. While the cold aisle confines the cold air and thereby maintaining required ecosystem for the IT Equipment.


Benefits of using containment in the data center

  • Prevents hot/cold air mixing thereby provides a stable environment to the IT hardware

  • Decreases energy consumption by up to 25-50%

  • Reduces hot spots

  • IT assets have extended life

  • Boosts uptime


2. Need of Brush Module in Data Centre

Despite installation of the best airflow management system and design for hot and cold air containment, you could still see some minor thermal issues. The reason is that the accessories used in the airflow containment are not preventing leaks. That has resulted in your system getting compromised. By having a brush module in the data center, it helps in:


  • Sealing the unwanted gaps so that the data center maintains the needed temperature.

  • It prevents cold air losses and helps in optimizing the airflow.

  • Ensure the cold air is entering only IT Hardware

  • Save costs by proactively working to ensure proper cooling and heating, saving time and costly repairs.


3. Air Diverter Kit and its usage in the data center

In the Data-center ecosystem there are couple of devices I, e. Cisco and other network switches which has side to side airflow. For such equipment the cold air provided in the front will not be able to meet its cooling requirement and over a period this will lead to hotspots. To address this NetRack has designed Air-Diverter kit which will convert the non-conventional side to side airflow equipment to conventional front to rear airflow. It has two systems, one of which is placed at the front for cold air suction and the other at the back to manage the hot air exhaust.  To improve the overall performance and efficiency of a data center, it is essential to have proper air balance.


4. Optimizing IT power

Data centers are power guzzlers despite using the latest technologies. Its power consumption on a global scale is estimated to be about 3% of the electricity generated. That is only going to increase with more facilities built. To keep energy usage at a reasonable level, it is vital to understand the power consumption of the IT devices and optimize it. Some ways of optimizing IT power are replacing older servers with newer efficient ones, removing unnecessary equipment, identifying the gosht servers, cleaning up workloads, and virtualizing them if needed. All these can be achieved with help of intelligent PDU and monitoring software's.


5. Optimizing data center cooling

Data centers need to follow best practices to ensure proper data center cooling. Some of them are as below:


  • Plugging airflow leaks that reduce the inefficiencies of air circulation and wastage of power and cooling.

  • The right number of perforated tiles with adjustable dampers is in line with the design and the actual airflow. These should be placed only where the IT equipment requires cold air.

  • Use hot aisle/cold aisle contaminants for greater efficiency.

  • Raised floor design to improve air circulation.


When these best practices are followed, there can be a reduction in annual cooling costs, increased efficiency in data centers, and quicker ROI.


About NetRack

NetRack Enclosures Pvt. Ltd. offers airflow management solutions to data centers. Intelligent server racks, network enclosures and other fixtures are products that many data centers use to increase efficiency. The data center solutions cover all types of data centers, no matter the size or complexity of the equipment. High-quality certified products are available at competitive prices; some of them are the best in the industry.


  • RoHS compliant

  • UL and CB certified

  • ISO 9001:2015 for Quality Management System

  • ISO 14001:2015 for Environmental Management System

  • ISO 45001: 2018 for Occupational Health and Safety 


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5 Proven Ways to Achieve more Efficiency from your Data Center
5 Proven Ways to Achieve more Efficiency from your Data Center
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