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A Peek into Avneet Kaur's European and London Sojourn with Airbnb

Sep 07, 2023 16:48 IST 
Delhi, India

Avneet Kaur, beloved Indian actor admired for her captivating performances and radiant charm, stepped away from the glitz and glamour of the entertainment world and embarked on a soul-enriching expedition to explore the culturally rich cities of London, Paris, and Amsterdam. Immersing herself in the local ways of life in these cities, Avneet opted for an authentic stay experience with Airbnb, discovering charming accommodations that provided the perfect blend of culture and comfort during her journey.


Avneet at her Airbnb in Paris


Avneet kickstarted her journey from London, where she opted to stay at a lavish 3-bedroom duplex Airbnb apartment nestled in the heart of the bustling Marble Arch district, one of the most prestigious neighbourhoods in London. Exquisitely crafted with a keen attention to detail, this residence effortlessly catered to Avneet’s every conceivable need. It is ideal for a family to spend their holidays in calm and luxury at the same time. The sophisticated and elegant interior design, impeccable management, and spacious layout collectively bestowed an air of pristine luminosity upon this Airbnb haven.


Next up was Paris, Avneet shared the beauty of her Parisian retreat on Instagram, and gave her followers a glimpse of her exquisite Airbnb home. Nestled in the charming Montorgueil neighbourhood, one of Paris's most enchanting districts, the residence stands as a testament to contemporary sophistication. Boasting two tastefully appointed bedrooms, the dwelling exudes a chic aura, complemented by its ample windows that frame views of the idyllic courtyard and cobblestone pathways of Montorgueil. Ideal for 4 guests, this Airbnb is spacious, and is surrounded by restaurants, cafes, and food shops offering some of Paris’s best food. The Louvre is also just a 15-minute walk away, making this home the perfect option to stay at and be a tourist in the city!


Finally, Avneet visited Amsterdam, staying at a stylish duplex Airbnb in the upcoming locality of the Eastern Docklands. Steeped in character, this charming one-bedroom duplex apartment’s open living and dining area allowed Avneet to relax after a day of exploring the vibrant city. The home is adorned with modern, yet cozy décor, and the high ceilings of the house make one feel the luxury of staying here.


Talking about her incredible trip, Avneet said, “During my trip to London, Paris, and Amsterdam, I wanted to really soak in the local culture. These cities have so much history, art, and delicious food to offer, that every day was packed with new discoveries. What made it feel like home at the end of a long day, was coming back to my Airbnb homes. It made the whole experience so much more real and special because the places I stayed in were cozy and felt like a space of my own, no matter where I travelled. After a tiring day, I loved relaxing in the calm and peaceful atmosphere that these homes provided.”   

Avneet at her Airbnb in Paris
Avneet at her Airbnb in Paris
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