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ACOHI is Changing the Economics & Dynamics of Street Food on International Level in Pune

3 World Records Holder, Smart & Futuristic ACOHI Patented Amrit Food Cart Launched for Public Service

Dec 29, 2023 16:21 IST 
Pune, Maharashtra, India

In an extremely heartwarming move ACOHI the first private governing authority of Hospitality Industry of India & Asia announces it’s most important & researched product AMRIT FOOD CART which will change the economics of street food here in Pune, Maharashtra & rest of India. 


Unveiling the ACOHI patented AMRIT FOOD CART  for public service 


The first cart has been licensed and approved after clearing all protocols and is ready for public service under the banner of AMRIT FOOD CART which is in the format of franchise model at an extremely low and affordable price. The first license has been allocated to M/S Shinde Chowpatty in the area of Wagholi – Bakori Road Pune


It took years for us to experiment this model which was our big dream which is very much unique and progressive model in the entire India, Asia and rest of the world as far as street food is concerned. New York is known for the best country in the Street food but we are more than confident that this type of model is no where across globe for street food. It took 7 years for us to develop and research this product which is unique and will create revolution on street food like never before. The AMRIT FOOD CART carefully made keeping the needs of the cuisine, state, preferences, hygiene, safety, customer choice, visions of Indian Government and the immediate need of our beloved nation, due to this innovation India will come forward in the segment of street food in entire Asia. We Indians are known for our street food but we have never given the street food its due respect and importance the street food deserves and this is the befitting salute & up gradation to our street food which will get highlighted in much more respectful manner giving financial freedom to the owners who are the franchise owners of this product said Dr. Sanee Awsarmmel Chairman of ACOHI – Asian Countries Chamber of Hospitality Industry. 


Here are the supreme & dynamic features of AMRIT FOOD CART -

  • 3 National & International World Record Holder Special Food Cart.

  •  Made from Supreme Quality Certified Stainless Steel of Food Grade material.

  • Easy to operate, can be handled by one single person fully for movement. Super easy wheels specially defined for easier movement of AMRIT FOOD CART.

  • Solar operated.

  • Separate hand wash area.

  • The most costly water of India & Asia which is out of reach of general people is made available for cooking and drinking on this special cart which makes it very special and unique and also first in India, Asia & rest of the World. Food is also cooked in alkaline water here on the AMRIT FOOD CART which makes it more special, unique & leader in its class till date across the globe.

  • Separate water tank of water (Alkaline & Regular).

  • Scroll Display, Wi Fi, GPS, Hand Sanitizers, CCTV, Fire Safety Equipment are included in the AMRIT FOOD CART. Front Scroll displays the name of the Cart, franchise owners name, specialty, FDA license number. 

  • 3 sided service area with special branding options.

  •  Separate dry & wet storage given on top as well as below the cart.

  • Special & selected ACOHI SOP Certified Standard Milk, Butter, Ghee used and not the regular one which is fully adulterated which is the standard practice in majority of street food pattern in today’s time. 

  • Special safety defined for Food Service & Disposable and world class products are used which are ACOHI certified and approved which are just best in class.   

  • Only special curetted kacchi ghani culinary oil of highest standards is used in the food preparations.

  • Salt is natural and not refined in the cooking process.

  • Sugar is sulphur less.

  • CCTV attached to cart and the footage directly connected to the local governing authorities for safety of customers and local premises, also via this CCTV owner can see all the work directly sitting at his home keeping close watch on operations.

  • Cashless handling of money using special machines and software’s.

  • Police Clearance of Staff with carefully selected area of operations as per the SOP’s of AMRIT FOOD CART.

  • Included the parameters of Standup India, Startup India, Digital India, Solar India and Make in India with the vision to make Indian economy and health of Indians far better and effective as far as street food is concerned.

  • Special Hospitality Insurance – KAVACH to Staff as well as the cart for any untoward incidence or event for the safety of staff as well as owner.  


The franchise owners are basically techies who have qualifications of MBA for both husband wife who has taken the plunge into the business of street food in much more effective manner after doing appropriate research and operate under the brand of Shinde Chowpatty. It is our memorable day and feel extremely lucky that we are the chosen one for the business, we have gone through the series of paper work and SOP procedures of AMRIT FOOD CART and after qualifying for the same the license has been allotted to operate the AMRIT FOOD CART and we think this is the life changing experience and day for us as we have become the integral part of Hospitality Industry of India and has also got the special Culinary ID which we can boost upon which is ACOHI/IND-PUN-MH/500024/SHINDECHOWPATTY/AMRIT/2023/STATE/28DEC23 said Rahul Shinde and his wife Pratima Shinde. The process is not easy to get the license as all the parameters of business which includes place, locality, clientele, background, education, KYC, legal aspects are heavily looked upon by the management of AMRIT FOOD CART and we wholeheartedly invite you all to become part of our journey either as our extended franchisee or as our esteemed customers, we have chosen the format of manual plan and will be operating with the South Indian Cuisine with Breakfast items to start up with and surely we will create benchmark for our brand under the able guidance of AMRIT FOOD CART said Rahul Shinde.


It is an important move in actual upliftment of women empowerment in the real sense, we were about to invest more than 50 to 70 lacs in other franchise brand but after realizing that in such small ticket size of Rs. 2.60 lacs which is the AMRIT FOOD CART price and overall project cost including accessories & other services which is below 5 lacs gave real booster and confidence to us, moreover we wish to thank the present MODI government for aiding us with MUDRA loan which was swiftly made available to us when we informed the name of ACOHI and Amrit Food Cart concept to bankers, roads were made easy for us by Bank of India Wagholi Branch and we wish to thank the Management of Bank of India - Pune for the same said Pratima Shinde owner of Shinde Chowpatty.


The AMRIT FOOD CART full details are available at www.acohi.orgAMRIT FOOD CART Management of ACOHI could be reached at also you can reach them by whatsapp number which is their National CRM number 9823270555.

Unveiling the ACOHI patented AMRIT FOOD CART  for public service
Unveiling the ACOHI patented AMRIT FOOD CART for public service
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