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Ador Welding Limited to Showcase Innovative Rhino E Electric Welder at Schweissen & Schneiden International Trade Fair 2023

Sep 05, 2023 19:07 IST 
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Ador Welding Limited, India's leading manufacturer of welding equipment, consumables, and automation systems, is proud to announce its participation in the Schweissen & Schneiden International Trade Fair 2023, scheduled to take place from September 11th to 15th, 2023, in Essen, Germany. This highly anticipated event is recognised as the "Olympics of Welding Technology," held every four years and attended by industry leaders, professionals, and enthusiasts from across the globe.


Schweissen & Schneiden is the world's premier trade fair for joining, cutting, and surfacing technology specialists, making it a pivotal event for companies at the forefront of welding innovation. Ador's presence at this prestigious event underscores its commitment to pushing the boundaries of welding technology and fostering a sustainable future for the industry.


Ador will use this prestigious platform to showcase a wide array of its iconic products, alongside the launch of its groundbreaking innovation – the Rhino E Electric Welder. Rhino E represents a remarkable leap forward in welding technology, designed with a strong emphasis on reducing carbon emissions and noise levels. Notably, this marks the introduction of the first battery-powered electric welder in India.


Aditya Malkani – Managing Director at Ador Welding, expressed his enthusiasm about Rhino E, saying, "The launch of Rhino E reflects Ador's unwavering commitment to innovation and sustainability. We recognised the need to reduce the carbon footprint in welding processes and responded by developing the first battery-powered welder in India. We believe Rhino E will not only revolutionize the welding industry but also contribute significantly to reducing environmental impact. Ador is poised to lead this fast-growing market segment."


Rhino E's rapid development, achieved within a record time of just four months, demonstrates Ador's formidable capabilities. The product stands as a testament to the prowess of Ador's Technical Development Centre, which comprises 38 highly skilled individuals and receives a substantial 5% of the company's profits dedicated to fostering innovation. This commitment to cutting-edge technology enables Ador to stay ahead of market demands and provide innovative solutions to its customers.


Ador's presence at this event exemplifies its dedication to pushing the boundaries of welding technology and supporting sustainability within the industry. Visitors to Ador's booth will have the opportunity to experience Rhino E Electric Welder firsthand and explore the company's extensive range of cutting-edge welding and cutting solutions.


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Ador Welding Limited is a pioneering company in the welding industry, offering cutting-edge solutions for various sectors including power, infrastructure, manufacturing, and defence. With over seven decades of experience and a strong focus on innovation, Ador Welding Limited has established itself as a trusted partner for reliable, efficient, and technologically advanced welding solutions.

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