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ADVIK Powers up with Acquisition of Business Assets of UK-based Aceleron Energy Ltd. for Advanced Li-ion Batteries

Apr 08, 2024 13:12 IST 
Pune, Maharashtra, India
  • Through its next-gen advanced energy storage technology, ADVIK Technologies Limited, UK offers the world's first serviceable, upgradeable, and scalable lithium-ion batteries

  • The acquisition will create additional expertise for ADVIK in the advanced battery space for e-mobility and ESS applications


ADVIK, a leading automotive component manufacturer, has successfully acquired business assets of Aceleron Energy Ltd., a UK-based advanced Li-ion battery company. This move signifies ADVIK's entry into the Electric Vehicle (EV) and Energy Storage System (ESS) sectors, aligning with its growth trajectory. The acquisition expands ADVIK's product range and customer base, aiming to enhance the development of next-gen energy storage solutions. Managed through its UK subsidiary ADVIK Technologies Limited, the acquisition integrates cutting-edge Li-Ion battery technology into ADVIK's portfolio.


World’s 1st serviceable & repurposable Lithium Ion Battery Pack - For Mobility & ESS


Mr. Aditya Bhartia, Managing Director of ADVIK, expressed excitement about the acquisition, emphasizing its contribution to a sustainable future powered by clean energy. The acquisition not only brings patented technology but also adds testing and prototyping facilities in the UK, complementing ADVIK's existing network across 10 plants.


The acquired technology revolutionizes Li-Ion battery design, eliminating the need for welding, and promoting reusability and scalability. Engineered to support a circular economic model, it enhances accessibility to energy storage products by increasing battery life and reducing wastage.


ADVIK anticipates growth in electrification in the mobility space, including 2W, 3W, and 4W segments, as well as in stationary energy storage systems.


About ADVIK Group of Companies

ADVIK Group of Companies, headquartered in Pune; is a leading global manufacturer of Automotive Components. With annual sales of more than 100 million USD, the group offers an extensive portfolio of products like Pumps: Oil Pump, Water Pumps and Vacuum Pumps, 2W Hydraulic Brake Systems, Valves & Actuators: HVAC actuators, Throttle body assembly, Purge Valves, Reed Valves, Secondary Air Injection Valves, Thermal Management System Valves, EGR, Cam Chain Tensioners, Alternate Fuel System: CNG regulator & CNG systems.The company serves Automotive Customers Globally.


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World’s 1st serviceable & repurposable Lithium Ion Battery Pack - For Mobility & ESS
World’s 1st serviceable & repurposable Lithium Ion Battery Pack - For Mobility & ESS
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