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Ahead of World Blood Cancer Day, Kauvery Hospital Emphasizes on the Need for Timely Diagnosis and Treatment

May 27, 2022 14:45 IST 
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

The team recently treated two patients who presented two different types of Blood Cancer

  • Blood cancers are of different types. Leukemias are perhaps the best known to the public.

  • Swellings in the neck and armpits need evaluation to rule out Lymphoma - a type of blood cancer

  • Some patients may present with degradation of the bones that become brittle and weak, and a small fall or injury may cause a fracture. These may be feature of a disease called Multiple Myeloma


Kauvery Hospital Chennai, a unit of Kauvery Group of Hospitals, a leading multispecialty healthcare chain in Tamil Nadu, emphasizes, ahead of World Blood Cancer Day, May 28th 2022, the need for timely diagnosis and treatment. The team recently treated two patients who were diagnosed with Lymphoma and Multiple Myeloma respectively.

A 54-years-aged man presented with symptoms of swellings in his neck and axilla (armpits), along with unexplained fever, loss of weight and appetite. After blood tests, biopsy and Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scan he was diagnosed to have Hodgkin’s Lymphoma - a cancer that affects the lymphatic system, a part of the immune system that fights infections.

“Generally, a swelling can occur in any part of the body and is mostly due to an infection, and is treated with antibiotics. But when the antibiotics do not help, and the swelling is persistent then it needs to be evaluated without delay. Swellings in the neck or underarms can be lymphomas and should be addressed immediately. These swellings are painless and can increase in number as the cancer progresses. This individual had nodes in the neck which is a major symptom of Lymphoma. He was given chemotherapy, to which he responded well, and he was also administered radiation. He has now recovered completely,” said Dr. Preethi A, Consultant - Medical Oncology, Kauvery Hospital. Chennai.

While this was a patient with a very obvious symptom at presentation, the second patient was a 73-years-aged woman who presented with fracture of her right femur. Basic blood tests indicated that she had low Hemoglobin and was further investigated to find the cause. “Investigations indicated the diagnosis of multiple myeloma, a type of blood cancer. This type of blood cancer affects the blood cell count, hemoglobin levels and also causes degradation of the bones which become brittle and weak, and a small fall or injury may cause fracture, which was the case in this woman. She was administered chemotherapy for sixteen weeks and is currently in remission from Myeloma. She is undergoing maintenance therapy (a medicine given to ensure there is no recurrence of cancer),” said Dr. Arshad Raja, Consultant- Haemotology and Haemato Oncology.

Blood cancers are of two types - Acute and Chronic. The former presents within a short period of time and has severe course when compared to the latter. Every year 8 lakh people are diagnosed with Blood Cancer in India, which accounts to 8% of total cancers in India. The symptoms are mostly common for blood cancers, however some may present just another bone injury or a fever, or even just a low hemoglobin or platelet count.

“The field of Oncology has seen lot of medical and technological advancements, and we have been consistently creating awareness about early screening. Not many are aware about the symptoms of blood cancer, and in some cases the symptoms develop only at a very advanced stage. Timely diagnosis and treatment at a Center of Excellence in Oncology would help in better recovery. We are fortunate and proud to have a team of oncologists with great skill, experience and expertise. I congratulate Dr. Preethi and Dr. Arshad Raja, on diagnosing the cancer, and providing the right treatment, thus leading them on the road to recovery,” says Dr. Aravindan Selvaraj, Co-founder and Executive Director, Kauvery Hospital Chennai.

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