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AIIMS-IIT Alumni Duo Invents Novel Technology to Kill Coronavirus with Just Water

Aug 18, 2020 18:27 IST 
New Delhi, Delhi, India

It was the year 2015 when the duo - Dr. Shashi Ranjan and Debayan Saha were flying back to India to start their innovation journey at AIIMS, Delhi from Stanford University, USA after completing their coveted Biodesign innovation fellowship with a determination to contribute to the healthcare system in their motherland, India. Five years down the line their dream has started to become a reality as their invented technology has now been tested and certified by ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research) lab, to kill the COVID-19 virus (Coronavirus) successfully. 


From left to right: Dr. Shashi Ranjan and Debayan Saha 


Unlike other methods, this novel technology is a chemical and radiation-free device and is the only technology invented in India that abides by US FDA guidelines, ISO 10993 for biocompatibility, rendering it completely safe for humans and animals.


We have used fundamental physics to harness and super-magnify the unique properties of water which under certain optimized conditions can transform normal tap water into an antiviral. Micron sized droplets are generated from this antiviral water to disperse into the environment to destroy the SARS CoV2, the COVID-19 virus and other germs, be it in the air as aerosol or on surfaces. Thereby, protecting us from the virus and future threats of bioterrorism and other hazards,” said Debayan Saha, Co-founder of PerSapien.


As India celebrated its 74th Independence Day and gears up for an ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’, we need to ensure that our economy comes back to full capacity to boost back our GDP and growth. But if we ignore our children, their education (since the schools are closed) will that progress really make the country and its youth, ‘Atmanirbhar’? 


With this quest, the duo embarked into part 2 of their voyage, to deploy this invention at each and every school in India, where they need it and they don’t have a better way to protect the children. Ensuring children to wear masks all the time at school will be extremely important, but it will be equally challenging, especially during breaks, lunches, and playtime, when they may have to unmask themselves. And as the schools open up, they could become the hotspots for the spread of infection as that had been the case in Israel, USA, and elsewhere. But can we remain silent any further, as the digital divide between rich and poor now becomes more prominent in the education system where the children from poor families without resources- internet, computer facilities cannot study and are missing out on their basic right to education? 


The duo believes that Coronavirus has exposed our vulnerability to biohazards, bioterrorism, the evolution of new viruses, and possibilities of the Coronavirus itself evolving into newer strains, in which case the much-anticipated vaccines may be rendered ineffective. Hence to ensure the safety of our children and citizens, scientists will have to develop mechanisms and innovative technologies to protect us seamlessly round the year, every second, just like metal detectors, bomb squad and intelligence systems protect us from threats of violence.


Hence, the ICMR tested ‘Airlens Minus Corona-indoors’ was invented to protect people from this novel Coronavirus and other deadly viruses and is designed to be completely safe for human beings, free from hazardous chemicals, harmful gases or rays, etc.. Moreover, the fact that the device runs on water, which is an easily accessible resource globally, unlike chemicals, alcohols, etc. it will never fall scarce and will be very inexpensive to deploy and run at a mass scale, to reach even the public schools in the underprivileged parts of our motherland,” said Dr. Shashi Ranjan, Co-founder of PerSapien.


The team of scientists and engineers behind this revolutionary technology made at PerSapien Innovations Pvt. Ltd. are in talks with national and international organizations and government bodies to collaborate for manufacturing and large scale deployment of this inventive technology.


Being driven by the mission of the organization ‘PerSapien’, ‘Per’ - each and ‘Sapien’ - human life, the technology is not just for the fortunate few but for all humans, just like the nature of water, shared by everyone.

From left to right: Dr. Shashi Ranjan and Debayan Saha
From left to right: Dr. Shashi Ranjan and Debayan Saha
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