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All India ITR Increases its ITR Filings by 150% in the Assessment Year 2019-20

Jun 24, 2019   16:47 IST 
New Delhi, Delhi, India

All India ITR is a leading tax consultancy renowned as India's most trusted tax filing website and app. It provides online preparation and filing of Individual Income Tax Returns (ITR). Ranked as the best online tax preparer, All India ITR is recommended by top employers to employees for its in-depth understanding of compliance, and its ease-of-use. Its success keeping customers happy and its exceptional service played a part in growing the percentage of ITRs filed by All India ITR  by 150% in 2018-19, compared to the last assessment year.


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As a rule, All India ITR believes in constantly improving its services allowing it to make the tedious and tiring process of filing ITRs simple and user-friendly. Important reasons for the phenomenal 150% growth of its user base are All India ITR has reduced the time to file an ITR to 2 minutes, has initiated a drive to provide its services to every taxpayer in India, and had made its service available on the go. Additionally, it ensured all important announcements by the Income-tax Department of India reached its users at the earliest and they could use the information and hence didn't face any delay during the filing process. Making the Income Tax Filing process a pleasant experience has been a factor behind the growth in the number of filings made by All India ITR this year.


All India ITR in all


The process created by the company is almost completely online making it easy for taxpayers to file their ITR from anywhere. Most users in Tier I and II cities lead hectic lives, this has led to an increase in demand for mobile applications for e-filings; All India ITR is meeting this growing demand using its mobile application and an online portal. Because of All India ITR, the process of tax filing has become less time consuming, but the company isn't done yet, it's constantly making improvements and creating an even simpler and more user-friendly filing process that will allow anyone to use its app or online portal. Additional factors that played a part in the growth of its customer base are firstly the government's announcement that a cash transaction of more than 2 Lakhs shall be taken into consideration by the Income Tax Department and hence filling an ITR for the same became mandatory to avoid notice. Secondly, since last year there has been a penalty levied when ITRs are filed late, this year Individuals are cautiously filing their ITR; they're ensuring they file before the due date to avoid paying a penalty. Considering these trends among taxpayers, All India ITR expects a 500% growth in the number of ITRs they file during the next assessment year.

Talking about this achievement Mr. Vikas Dahiya, CEO of All India ITR says, "There has been increased awareness regarding tax filings over the last few years, especially among the younger generation many of whom are first-time taxpayers. As we are currently amidst the era of social media, information is easily accessible to all and everyone is aware of their responsibility of file an Income Tax Return to help contribute toward the betterment of the nation. These are major reasons why we filed more returns this year and will certainly file even more next year. The recognition taxpayers have bestowed on us was made possible only by the efforts of All India ITR employees and because of advances in technology. I am proud to say we have a team that understands how to use its expertise to help clients make complex filings easy."

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All India ITR is India's largest and most trusted website that offers online preparation and filing of Individual Income Tax Returns (ITR) pan India along with a wide array of other business services. All India ITR has been registered with the Income Tax department of the Government of India as an e-return intermediary. They use SSL encryption to ensure that information is highly secure. All India ITR ranked as the best online tax preparer, is recommended by top employers to their employees for compliance, and ease-of-use. All India ITR has the right mix of expertise in Taxation and Information Technology, enabling it to deliver cutting-edge and innovative enhancements in its solutions.


All India ITR in all
All India ITR in all
All India ITR in all
All India ITR in all
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