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Alliances Galore Completes 1 Million Aggregations of Merchant Alliances Globally

Aug 16, 2017   15:10 IST 
New Delhi | Mumbai, India

Alliances Galore – The largest offers based Merchant Acquirer in the country and globally has recently completed a milestone of 1,000,000 alliances for its clients.


Mr. Vikul Chander, Co-Founder - Alliances Galore

Coming from a decade long footprint of curating, managing and executing partnerships and alliances for an ever growing list of impressive clients, Alliances Galore has quickly risen to become the trendsetter in this vertical owing to a young, energetic employee base.


Holding an astute look on the evolving market, the founders have stressed upon the need for reinventing, constant innovation of concepts and execution of consumer programs to fit with the prevalent and emerging trends of the industry. “This is one of the fastest growing vertical in the country at present, Brands are competing hard to capture the ever evolving spender and are innovating constantly and moving beyond the simple discounts game” quotes Vikul Chander, Co-Founder - Alliances Galore.


Mr. Mahipal Singh, Co-founder - Alliances Galore



Alliances Galore currently enjoys a large client network globally and over the years has built the most widespread and dependable set of merchant partners accrued across verticals such as Dining, Retail, Health & Wellness and Entertainment amongst others. “This market is becoming highly competitive by the day and especially so with the entry of some of the bigger partners, the benefits and rewards are set to increase for end consumers”, quotes Mahipal Singh, Co-founder - Alliances Galore.


After successfully powering domestic client & consumer promotion programs Alliances Galore has now forayed into the international market with short term consumer programs and festivals. Having concluded the first edition of the Singapore Gourmet Flavour, a 3 course menu festival across the finest 60+ restaurants in the currently, Alliances Galore is currently trying to make a stronger presence in Singapore and other consumer savvy markets.


About Alliances Galore

Alliances Galore is an aggregator of offer based merchant partner alliances which was founded by Vikul Chander and Mahipal Singh in 2007. Over a ten year period, the company has worked with several clients across verticals to help them cater to. Alliances Galore boasts of operations in 150+ cities in India and 25+ cities Globally.

Mr. Mahipal Singh, Co-Founder of the Company.
Mr. Mahipal Singh, Co-Founder of the Company.
Mr. Vikul Chander, Co-Founder for Alliances Galore
Mr. Vikul Chander, Co-Founder for Alliances Galore
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