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Ariel India's New Film on Dr. VS Priya, Kerala's First Transgender Doctor, is a Beacon of Hope and Possibility

Her story of fighting all odds to #MakeItPossible is all the inspiration and optimism we need currently

May 04, 2021 14:11 IST 
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Ariel is known for progressing the lives of people through its innovation in laundry as well as by taking up the cause of furthering gender equality within households in the country. Taking a step ahead, the detergent brand from the house of P&G has now come out in support of the LGBTQ community with their latest film, driven by their belief in inclusivity and equality for all.


Dr. VS Priya- Kerala's first transgender Doctor


With a strong drive to bring changes in societal norms, Ariel through its latest campaign #MakeItPossible brings forth the aspiring journey of Dr. VS Priya - Kerala’s first transgender doctor. This heartening story is expected to bring about some hope, positivity, faith, and a few smiles as the country is currently facing unprecedented challenges.


Dr. VS Priya with her mother


Dr. Priya is an inspiration to millions of people. Despite the hardships and insecurities of growing up as a man in a woman’s body, she finally decided to embrace her true self after 30 odd years. She fought endless obstacles and barriers put up by family and society, including gender biases and stereotypes, lack of information and acceptance, and much more. And when the family accepts, the world accepts. She worked tirelessly towards achieving her dreams of being a doctor in a world that continues to stereotype the transgender community into specific exaggerated, attention-seeking roles. Today, being a doctor, it is duty that comes first for Dr. Priya as she continues to treat her patients with complete devotion.


Dr. VS Priya and her journey of becoming a transgender doctor is nothing short of a beacon of hope, not just for all transgender people who want to be known for what they do, but also for everyone who continues to battle the odds and face impossible challenges, in pursuit to #MakeItPossible.


When we think of a transgender, we imagine them dancing or seeking attention. We can hardly picture them as a pilot or a doctor. I wanted to change this and live my life on my terms. Conditions of transgender needs to change; changes will have to start from families. If a family accepts the kid who is a trans, that kid could grow up to be a better citizen. The best example is me,” shares Dr. Priya in the film.


Ariel India has been championing the cause of gender equality for many years. With this enlightening and powerful film, Ariel now celebrates these heroes who overcome the odds to #MakeItPossible.


Sharat Verma, Chief Marketing Officer, P&G Indian Subcontinent and Vice President, Fabric Care, P&G Indian Subcontinent said, “Ariel believes in a world free of bias that fosters equality and inclusion, is a world where everyone can thrive. The story of Dr. Priya is a story of resilience, courage, and perseverance. It reminds us that no matter how difficult the circumstances, with perseverance we can #MakeItPossible. We are inspired by her courage and glad to celebrate her journey.”


Ariel salutes the spirit and determination of Dr. VS Priya, and many others like her who continue to battle odds and give it all that is needed to #MakeItPossible. Stories like these give us hope.


Ariel #MakeItPossible​ | Dr. VS Priya - Kerala’s 1st Transgender Doctor


This film was launched recently on Ariel’s social media channels. Link to film:




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Dr. VS Priya- Kerala's first transgender Doctor
Dr. VS Priya- Kerala's first transgender Doctor
Dr. VS Priya with her mother
Dr. VS Priya with her mother

Ariel #MakeItPossible? | Dr. VS Priya - Kerala�s 1st Transgender Doctor
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