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Atrangz Throws a Retro Themed Valentine's Day Party in Association with Glance

Atrangz channeled their love for the 80’s romantic films by hosting a retro themed valentine’s day party in association with Glance

Feb 17, 2021 15:35 IST 
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Embracing the extraordinary, Atrangz, a group of India’s top content creators threw the craziest Valentine’s Day party to celebrate love. This Retro themed party channeled their love for the 80’s romantic films. Everything from the decor to their outfits represented a mix of vintage and pop with loud colours and an energetic atmosphere.

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The party was hosted at their recently launched Atrangz studio which is located in the suburbs of Mumbai.


The event kickstarted in the evening. The energy, colours and the smiles on everyone's faces were as radiant as ever. It was attended by various well-known creators from the industry, Angry Prash, Ashima Chaudhary, Doll Dhandukar, Sunny Chopra, Naveen Sharma, Akash Singh, Faby, Team07, Prakruti Mishra, Alisha Singh, Khushi Choudhary to name a few.


This event was hosted in association with Glance. Glance is an innovative inbuilt platform on 300 million+ Android mobile phones in India which provides you with Solid Entertainment, Sports Updates, Exciting Trivia, Travel Stories, Awesome Games and a lot more on your lockscreen.


Glance also took the opportunity to initiate an online campaign #YeLoveHaiChallenge which was accepted by 5 of the top creators and Atrangz themselves. This challenge revolved around creators telling their audience what they love while nominating fellow creators to do the same on their social media platforms. The contest started on this Valentine’s day which has been extended till the 17th of February. This campaign caught the attention of more than 5 million fans and it’s still live.


Farhan Rajani, an Atrangz Business Partner additionally quotes, “The process of bringing an online campaign to an offline community gathering is something that brands should look into.” Nagma, a member of Atrangz, added “I want to involve my fan community to future events like these.”


This campaign was a pure case study on how to keep your campaign omnipresent.

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