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BajajCapital Unveils Glorious New Chapter at the ThePowerof100% - Amritkaal Forever Annual Mega Meet

Aug 29, 2023 16:11 IST 
Gurugram, Haryana, India

BajajCapital, India's beacon of financial trust, recently etched a resplendent milestone in its journey with the grandeur of its Annual Mega Meet, "ThePowerof100% - Amritkaal Forever." This five-day saga of brilliance gathered over 1400 Sales team mates from every corner of India, transforming Gurugram into a hub of financial wisdom and prosperity.

BajajCapital Management

Stepping into a new era of empowerment, the event bore witness to the unveiling of BajajCapital's New Brand Identity, a symbol of its unwavering commitment to pioneering the future of financial excellence. As the curtains lifted, the stage was adorned with the essence of this transformation, reflecting a brand that has evolved over five decades to emerge even more robust, trustworthy, and forward-looking.


Distinguished leaders from the creme de la creme of the financial world - HDFC AMC, Tata AIA, White Oak AMC, and Kotak AMC - graced the occasion, sharing their insights that resonated in every heart. A chorus of appreciation echoed through the halls as these luminaries applauded the remarkable feats of BajajCapital's wealth managers, painting the canvas of the event with stories of dedication and success.


Captivating the audience with her charm and grace, the event welcomed Bollywood's radiant star, Sonia Rathee, as a Special Guest. Motivational Speaker Sonu Sharma and Corporate Guru Vivek Bindra kindled flames of inspiration, illuminating the path towards greatness for all attendees.


In his impassioned address, Rajiv Bajaj, the visionary Chairman and MD of BajajCapital Ltd., emphasized the pivotal role employees play in sculpting clients' financial destinies. He stated, "Our employees are the bedrock of our clients' prosperity. In a world immersed in data, genuine connections stand as monuments of trust. By nurturing our employees, we amplify our clients' faith, and journey towards the Power of 100%."

1200 of BajajCapital's Stars in one room

Echoing this sentiment, Sanjiv Bajaj, the Jt. Chairman and MD of BajajCapital Ltd., paid homage to the enduring values that anchor the company's voyage. "Trust and loyalty mature with time. Through this annual meet, we honor the torchbearers who exceed expectations, delivering par excellence to our clients. Industry leaders shared their visionary tales, equipping our sales leaders to captain our team towards a thriving year ahead."


BajajCapital's Annual Mega Meet echoes the company's profound trust in its employees as true champions and brand ambassadors. This event enshrines the belief that enlightened and valued employees are the driving force propelling India's financial horizons towards brilliance.


As the curtain falls on "ThePowerof100% - Amritkaal Forever," a new chapter unfolds, a chapter scripted with brilliance, empowerment, and the promise of a future where BajajCapital remains the North Star of financial trust.

BajajCapital Management
BajajCapital Management
1200 of BajajCapital's Stars in one room
1200 of BajajCapital's Stars in one room
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