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Bhushan Kumar Appoints Neeraj Kalyan & Shiv Chanana as Directors on T-Series Board

Feb 09, 2024 16:42 IST 
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

T-Series today announced that it has appointed two close associates of Bhushan Kumar as Directors on the Board of Super Cassettes Industries Pvt. Ltd. a.k.a T-Series.


L to R: Shiv Chanana, Bhushan Kumar, Neeraj Kalyan

Neeraj Kalyan, an industry veteran of 27 years currently designated as President and Shiv Chanana, a childhood associate of Bhushan Kumar and currently designated as Executive Vice President (Films), both have been rewarded for their hard work with a seat on the Board of Directors at T-Series.

For all operational purposes Mr. Neeraj Kalyan will now be designated as “President and Executive Director”. Mr. Kalyan having vast experience and in-depth knowledge of digital landscape in the music & film industry will continue to be responsible for company’s business development and licensing of music catalogue and films produced /co-produced by T-Series for distribution on various digital verticals. Given his leadership skills, good legal-commercial-marketing strengths with a flair for charting out strategies for growth, enhancing business volumes and achieving profitability norms, he would also be responsible for managing music publishing revenue, creating opportunities for collaborations with partners globally, corporate growth strategy, formulating legal strategy for copyright protection and representing the company on various industry forums.

For all operational purposes Mr. Shiv Chanana will be designated as “Executive Vice President & Executive Director” and continue to be responsible for company’s acquisition of all kind of content (including music rights etc). With his proven track record of navigating complex challenges in the film industry, Mr. Chanana will employ his strategic insights to guide decision-making and enhance overall project success. He will play an instrumental role in production and distribution of films & OTT content besides work related to liaison and relationship management within the film industry along with licensing of films produced / co-produced by T-Series for satellite broadcast.

Both Neeraj & Shiv will also represent the company at various industry forums for business growth and deal negotiations etc in their respective domains on behalf of the Company,

T-Series Chairman, Mr. Bhushan Kumar commented, “Neeraj & Shiv have been my support system and their enriching experience of many years in the industry, their hard work, dedication and team spirit has taken us to greater heights. They both have stood by me through my entire journey and it has been rewarding for me (both professionally and emotionally) to work with both of them. I am really glad that they are now on the Board of Directors of T-Series.”

L to R: Shiv Chanana, Bhushan Kumar, Neeraj Kalyan
L to R: Shiv Chanana, Bhushan Kumar, Neeraj Kalyan
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