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Biz2X Hosts 6th Edition of Frontiers of Digital Finance Roundtable in Bengaluru

Oct 10, 2023 17:41 IST 
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Biz2X, a subsidiary of Biz2Credit and a prominent digital lending SaaS platform in India, organized the 6th edition of Frontiers of Digital Finance Roundtable at Courtyard by Marriott in Bengaluru, bringing together influential industry leaders, visionaries, and influencers who are instrumental in shaping the digital lending ecosystem. The event's theme, "Unifying Digital Pathways: Aggregators as Catalysts in Financial Evolution," emphasize the significance of customer-centric approaches in the financial evolution, highlighting aggregators as enablers of tailored and user-friendly financial experiences that align with the ever-changing needs and expectations of customers.


The event featured in-depth discussions on several critical topics within the lending industry, such as the potential of Decentralized Finance (DeFi), challenges faced by digital aggregators, strategies for optimizing collections that currently witness strong influence of FLDG. The experts also highlighted the need for aggregators to strike a balance between growth and compliance, while also promoting financial literacy and responsible collections practices. The need for an entity to address privacy concerns and navigate the complexities and foster collaborative dialogue between the regulatory bodies and the fintech ecosystem.


The 6th successful edition of the Frontiers of Digital Finance Roundtable was marked by the experiences and vision shared by various industry leaders including spokespeople from PwC India, AWS, Khatabook,and Ninjacart among others. The discussion centred around the opportunities and implications of digital aggregators in enhancing financial literacy and inclusion.


"We are thrilled to have hosted the Frontiers of Digital Finance Roundtable in Bengaluru," said Vineet Tyagi, Head of India Operations and Global CTO at Biz2X. He added, “The event provided a vital forum where industry leaders came together to delve deep into the dynamic landscape of digital lending. The Frontiers of Digital Finance Rountable provides the industry leaders a platform to exchange thoughts and discuss the vital role of aggregators in enhancing consumer financial health. This promotes financial literacy, and also fosters inclusion, that addresses the challenge of balancing growth with compliance in the ever-evolving regulatory landscape. It also optimizes collections management strategies, that reflects our commitment to industry innovation & collaboration for a more technologically advanced financial ecosystem.


Putting forth his views while moderating the roundtable, Anit Shanker, Partner - BFSI Market, PwC India, said, “In the ever-evolving landscape of digital lending, the FDF Conference by Biz2X has been an exceptional platform for aggregators and industry leaders to convene and deliberate on critical themes. Our discussions on DeFi's potential, the role of aggregators in enhancing financial literacy, compliance challenges, and collections optimization will foster innovation to drive financial inclusion. The collective wisdom and expertise of our esteemed participants have set the stage for a more inclusive and responsible digital lending ecosystem. As we move forward, I look forward to continuing to collaborate, innovate, and pave the way for a future where technology and finance converge to empower individuals and businesses alike.


Vishnu Ranganathan, Associate Director partnership and Alliances, Simpl, speaker at the conference, lauded the initiative stating, “This has been an absolutely incredible experience to have connected with numerous industry leaders. I had the opportunity to gain insights on the opportunities and challenges of the industry. On a personal note, I am eagerly looking forward to witnessing the ongoing evolution of this landscape. Such initiatives serve as a direction, guiding the industry towards a more enabled Indian lending ecosystem.”


Launched in June 2022, the Biz2X Maadhyam platform, offers end to end solution to enhance the customizable lending experience and reduces the credit gap & bring in financial inclusion among the small and mid-size businesses. Biz2X solutions not only reduces operational expense, but accelerates lending growth by significantly improving client experience, reducing total turnaround time and equipping the relationship managers with powerful monitoring insights and alerts.


As part of its ongoing efforts to drive innovation in the industry, Biz2X plans to organise similar events every month in Delhi and other cities.

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