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Rouble Nagi
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Brushing up the Slums of Mumbai, Misaal Mumbai Initiative - By Artist Rouble Nagi

Jan 29, 2018   15:58 IST 
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Misaal Mumbai” is an initiative by Artist Rouble Nagi. She has painted over 285 plus houses in Jaffar Baba Colony, which has over 1300 residents in Mount Mary, Bandra West. Rouble has done this with the help artists, locals and residents, has trained some of the younger volunteers from art colleges in painting workshops, and has ended up employing 25 students to finish the project in less than two months. The result will be an explosion of rainbow hues that would be visible from afar, stretching from one dwelling to the next in a wave of unexpected energy.




Misaal Mumbai by Rouble Nagi


The aim of Misaal Mumbai is to improve the quality of life for poor people living in slums, by providing  more hygienic living conditions, beautifying their homes, along with repairs, waterproofing roofs and improved sanitation. Along with a team of local painters from the area, Rouble executed the painting after discussions with the residents. Mumbai's Slum Rehabilitation Authority (SRA) has undertaken the rehabilitation in certain parts, but then until that time, people living here do not need to suffer year after year.


This is also a quick way to create visual impact. Rouble projects will employ people and give them a sense of ownership over the artworks they create in their own community, while improving the condition of their houses.


Street art has opened a window for discussion and some positive responses have been received. Colourful surroundings will change the lives of the local community. The main goal is to give life to the slums and keep them clean and hygienic. Along side, everything will be bright and colourful.


Rouble merely wants to create interventions, that hopefully ignite some other change. This project is in collaboration with Swachh Bharat Abhiyan


In the end, she hopes her Project “Misaal Mumbai” will help others to set up projects of their own, be it Mumbai or anywhere else in India. This is just the beginning, as Misaal Mumbai shall be painting another four slums in Mumbai next month. The first slum painted by her did not have more than 4 people and no funding and support. However today it is a different story and 'Misaal Mumbai' has become a movement, where they are painting and revamping numerous projects in Mumbai. After Rouble initiative Paint Dharavi, which she started 2 years ago, being the first Indian Artist to paint slums & provide waterproof roofs, Missal Mumbai is the third initiative and she hopes this has motivated people to keep their neighbourhood clean.


Misaal Mumbai by Rouble Nagi
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