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‘Clean Food Movement’ Initiative Launched by Phalada Pure & Sure brings together a community of people who believe in clean food being a way of life

Feb 19, 2020 15:56 IST 
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Phalada Pure & Sure, a Bengaluru-based organic food brand, launches a ‘Clean Food Movement’ in the city to raise awareness about clean food and the way food is consumed. The 'Clean Food Movement' has stemmed from a belief that everyone deserves clean food free from chemicals, pollutants and harmful additives. The movement aims to bring together on, like minded-individuals, communities, restaurants, not-for-profit bodies, doctors, nutritionists, dieticians, fitness enthusiasts, parents, followers of zero-waste lifestyle, and organisations that care about clean food and the environment. The movement will also reach out to children and their parents to initiate dialogue over clean eating habits as it is important to be aware of the food consumed on a daily basis.


Clean Food Movement Launch


The world around us is seen gravitating towards eating organic and clean food. A healthy way of eating is preferred to food produced using pesticides, artificial ingredients. Phalada Pure & Sure, which is dedicated to sustainable farming and supports farmers to produce organic food through its parent company Phalada Agro, aims to drive a community towards consuming clean food. Along with raising awareness, the movement will also lead discourses on clean eating habits and outcome. 


Speaking about the campaign, Managing Director of Phalada Pure & Sure Surya Shastry said, “It is perhaps for the first time that a brand spearheading discussions about clean food and raising awareness about the same. We aim to connect to schools, parents, experts in health and nutrition and organisations to take it forward. People must pay attention to the food consumed and make sure it is ethical, organic, and clean. This is our vision.”


About Phalada Pure & Sure

Phalada Pure & Sure, a range of 100% certified clean, organic food products is an outcome of 20 years of experience in organic agriculture. Sourced directly from farmers and processed under stringent quality measures, our 140+ food products provide you with a true seed-to-plate experience.

Clean Food Movement Launch
Clean Food Movement Launch
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