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Coming Soon, Data Loss Prevention Capability in Employee Monitoring Software

HRAPP announces the addition of new data loss prevention capability in their employee monitoring software

Jan 10, 2022 16:47 IST 
Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India

HRAPP, also known as the best employee monitoring software, has announced the addition of data loss prevention capability. With this new addition, the employee monitoring software is now armed with a tighter security framework that promises better data integrity and privacy. To know more about HRAPP, visit:


HRAPP is an employee time tracking software that helps employers to track the websites visited by the employees, their online activities, chats with team members, keystrokes, file transfers, applications used, instant messages, and documents printed by them. HRAPP is supported on all Windows platforms and helps companies get the exact visual detail of what their employees do in every single second of their working hours.


"Being one of the best in the field, we have always strived to keep up with our customer expectations. This data loss prevention capability aims to improve the security of data transferred within and outside the organization. We help protect critical business data and other intellectual property within the network, at the end-points, and on the cloud. Businesses can thus ensure compliance and safeguard crucial business information from landing in the wrong hands. It further helps streamline business operations and manage the common policies," the company spokesperson explained in detail when quizzed about the exclusive features of this new module.


"We are well aware that security is something businesses really need at this moment. Hence, I'm really excited to share that this capability will further enhance our platform's advanced security features. We are eagerly looking forward to learning how this feature is going to make an impact in today's business scenario," the company spokesperson noted.


As HRAPP makes this announcement, companies all over are looking forward to seeing the changes it brings to the market.



HRAPP is an employee monitoring software that is exclusively designed to help manage the 21st-century workforce. It is an end-to-end platform aimed at helping HR managers manage employees, their productivity levels, engagement, activities, payroll, and so much more. Right from hiring to retiring, HRAPP manages it all! To know more about HRAPP, check out their page:

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