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Cretorial Announces the Launch of the Enterprise Version of its AI-powered App that Simplifies Social Media Content Creation for Millions of MSMEs and SMBs

Oct 01, 2022 12:46 IST 
New Delhi, Delhi, India
  • ​Simplifying social media posts using artificial intelligence for brands and consumers.

  • A one-stop solution for Small and Mid-Size Enterprises (SMEs), Start-ups, Marketing Managers and Individuals to scale-up the Social Media Marketing using high-quality business-ready content packs.

  • Simplifying social media content creation using its text technology for pro-designers using the desktop.

  • Cretorial is exploring new partnerships and collaborations with B2B platforms and partners to enable the accelerated growth of SMEs.


Cretorial announces the launch of the much anticipated Made In India ‘Cretorial Enterprise’ desktop version of the first-ever social media-friendly app. The app and desktop version offers a one-stop solution to netizens for content and creative ideation.


L- R: Mr. Sanjul Pancholi (Co-founder), Mr. Pawan Nayar (Founder and Chief Thought Officer) and Mr. Ankit Sood (Co-founder)


The platform provides high-quality business-ready content packs for Small and Mid-Size Enterprises (SMEs), Start-ups, Marketing Managers and Individuals to scale up their Social Media Marketing. In less than a minute, with just a few tap/click action, any user, regardless of design or content background, can create world class creatives.


Cretorial technology platform provides millions of unique ways to marketers to brand their products and services with short text expressions for any creative need. Cretorial supports in amplifying businesses, helps professional designers and copywriters in creating exceptional marketing content by using the in-app stock images, expressions, and matching hashtags.


Cretorial has successfully launched its mobile version for Android users and is available on the Google play store under the name Cretorial Social Media Post Simplified. Catering to the demand and huge success of the app, now the users can use the Enterprise web-based version of the Cretorial app. The Enterprise version allows the users to directly use Cretorial services on powerful laptops and desktops without any hassles. To open it on your web browser simply open and you are ready to go.


Cretorial has developed a proprietary AI (Artificial Intelligence) model that generates and classifies expressions as per industry relevance while targeting human-level accuracy. Cretorial has a proprietary engine that generates meaningful catchphrases, taglines, hashtags and more. The engine is continually trained for multiple domains and industries to ensure output relevant for different brands and customers.


Currently, Cretorial Social Media Post Simplified app has 51+ content packs. You can get contextual expressions 10x faster with matching hashtags for 20+ industries and 31+ personal categories. Cretorial’s goal is to scale up the platform to give customers an option to choose from billions of creative expressions for their branding needs.


Cretorial Social Media Post Simplified App will also integrate with Cretorial Get My Hashtags service to extend power, reach and creativity in the world of hashtags. The Get My Hashtags is a platform independent stand-alone hashtag service that gives global/local hashtags, in multiple languages, and that can be created or selected for creativity, popularity, creativity, branding, size and that can be used to find best hashtags for any post in any platform to cause better feed, more impressions and eventually more followers, all organically!


Cretorial is also looking forward to exploring new partnerships and collaborations with like-minded businesses like e-commerce and image/video creation platforms to accelerate its growth engine.


Pawan Nayar, Founder & Chief Thought Officer Cretorial, “We are excited to announce the soft launch of our desktop version ‘Enterprise’. We have always endeavoured to ensure continuous innovation, creating amazing products with high-quality content. We have addressed the needs of brands and consumers by providing effective solutions at an affordable price. We aim to provide a cutting edge to various brands with our incredible content and appealing creatives. The product will give an immersive new experience to various brands and consumers.


Exploring Industry First Features:

  1. AI Photo Expression Wizard: Conquer the "blank page syndrome" for good. Ditch hours of brainstorming and get content automatically. Just upload your pictures and let the AI wizard work its magic.

  2. Tonality and Word Filters: Trigger intended emotions of your target audience with precise tonality filters. Give your text that much needed human touch with tonality and word limit filters.

  3. Curated Collections: Get contextual expressions 10x faster with matching hashtags for 20+ industries and 31+ personal categories.

  4. Contextual Results: Go beyond stale results and get broader, wider, and more relevant contextual results for millions of keywords.

  5. Hashtag Finder: Find, target, and engage your audience with an amazing combination of popular and creative hashtags for each social post.

  6. Stickers: Personalize your social media posts with the designs of your choice.

  7. Free Stock Images: Select from a vast selection of stock images and use them as your creation backgrounds all free of cost.

  8. Background Remover: Remove background for your product free of cost for use on creative.

  9. Multi Languages: Browse expressions in the language of your choice with multi language enabled.

Role of Cretorial:

Through the desktop version, we want to eliminate these three friction points in creating an amazing creative design.

  1. Begin with a design-first approach: The design professionals can find the most relevant content from our curated collections with matching hashtags which are social media optimized. Alternatively, designers can let an AI-based Wizard read your graphic/picture, find its elements, convert them to human feelings and concepts and suggest the most optimized content.

  2. Professional Hashtag Finder: We are here to end the guessing game when it comes to finding the right hashtags. None of the available tools gives the right balance of hashtags which make your content work. Our hashtag finder is trained to deliver the most relevant content and creative hashtags which are the first of its kind.

  3. Ease of design: Stay always connected to your designs whether you are on the go or at your professional workspace.

About Cretorial Media Services Pvt. Ltd.

Cretorial Media Services Pvt Limited Company was launched in January 2020 as a tech-media company based in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India.


Pawan Nayar, (Founder & Chief Thought Officer,) is an alumnus of MIT Sloan School of Management. Pawan has over 25 years of stellar experience in setting up, leading, and scaling large content, marketing, and community development operations for top Fortune 500 firms. Pawan is a celebrity influencer on Instagram and other social media channels. His Instagram account @Go2Words gets over tens of millions of impressions per year.


Cretorial service offering is led by ex-executives from leading fortune 500 companies with immense experience in their respective fields. The core concept is developed by Mr. Pawan Nayar (Founder and Chief Thought Officer), Mr. Sanjul Pancholi (Co-founder) and Mr. Ankit Sood (Co-founder).



L- R: Mr. Sanjul Pancholi (Co-founder), Mr. Pawan Nayar (Founder and Chief Thought Officer) and Mr. Ankit Sood (Co-founder)
L- R: Mr. Sanjul Pancholi (Co-founder), Mr. Pawan Nayar (Founder and Chief Thought Officer) and Mr. Ankit Sood (Co-founder)
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