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Culturist and Social Activist Sundeep Bhutoria is Releasing a New Book Titled 'Calcuttascape: Musings of a Globetrotter' Which is Available on Amazon for Pre-order

Jul 27, 2020 11:30 IST 
Calcutta, West Bengal, India

The book, which grew out of his regular blogs and columns consist of more than 100 selected articles which touched upon a variety of topics - from travel and food to customer services and lifestyle, from art and heritage to environment and gender equality.


Sundeep Bhutoria with Jaya Bachchan


The book is published by Pan Macmillan India and the foreword has been written by writer Kunal Basu and a brief introduction on the blogs by Jaya Bachchan. 


I find Sundeep Bhutoria’s blogs interesting as it gives the reader a glimpse into the journey of a boy from a small town in Rajasthan to the wider world: a world that has given him the scope to take forward his interest in community and artistic causes; a world that has gone beyond the boundaries of his own country and established him as keen social worker and cultural catalyst,” - Jaya Bachchan.


The articles talked about the pressing issues of the day, grand, luxurious sojourns, the many stalwarts the author met in his line of work. Few of the issues he wrote about are issues affecting the average Indian as a citizen or a consumer, from local topics that concerned Kolkata to universal issues that affect us all, whether we live in Delhi or Dubai, Bombay or Brussels. 


It is a sheer pleasure to read Sundeep’s blogs that are just as vibrant as the world we imagine it to be. Part diary, part reminiscence, part observations on things big and small, part character sketches they are testimony to the kind of cosmopolitanism that in the past had created the necessary dynamism to connect the city to the world. From food to cinema, charity to wildlife, he keeps us engaged in a journey that after a while seems just as effortless as marks of the author’s pen,” - Kunal Basu.


The topics that I discussed in my blogs/columns struck a chord with the readers, and their feedback, in turn, prompted me to write on matters germane to our daily lives and happenings. While the column started a decade back, many of the issues are as pertinent today as they were then. Before I knew it, seven years had passed me by, as my busy schedule kept pushing it back. Finally, when the Coronavirus pandemic slowed down our lives and forced us into lockdown, I got down to sifting through all the columns and putting together this book which I have dedicated to the Lockdown," -  Sundeep  Bhutoria. 


About the Author

Sundeep Bhutoria is a social and cultural activist working in the field of social welfare, international cultural operation and the promotion of Indian arts. He contributes to various newspapers and magazines as a columnist and has written four other books. The author has also delivered lectures and presentation in eminent universities across the world including New York University, Oxford Business College, University of Turin and Moscow University to name a few.

Sundeep Bhutoria with Jaya Bachchan
Sundeep Bhutoria with Jaya Bachchan
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