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Edukit: Catering the Demand of Enterprise Level LMS Solutions

Jan 17, 2022 13:56 IST 
New Delhi, Delhi, India

Currently there are many edtech startups which are offering mobile based learning solutions like class plus or teachmint. These startups have their own feature sets, which remains the same for all of their clients. But there are many schools, coaching or institutes which can not be satisfied with these fixed feature sets.


Edukit Kanpur Team


Almost all the decent institutes have their unique teaching methodology & content quality. So, they also need a digital platform which can deliver their uniqueness with their brand visibility & style. Here, Edukit comes to rescue.


As per Anjali Singh, Co-founder at Edukit, “Edukit provides single window solutions from ERP to LMS, CMS to Growth tools, Mobile apps to Desktop apps. And with our enterprise plan, we can customize and develop the solutions according to the clients requirements.”


Edukit is a noida based startup, founded by Sunil Kumar, an IITR alumni, in 2019. The vision behind Edukit is to create an Education-Ecosystem where tutors or institutes can manage their academy and at the same time connect with students, staff & parents for online study via live classes and doubt forum, PTM, staff recruitments, content development, mock tests, live classes etc. Edukit also offers features like VOD and proctor based online test solutions for objective and subjective tests.


Just after launching the first version of Edukit, in the starting of 2020, COVID-19 happened. Due to COVID situation, Edukit started to focus mainly on Elearning modules, and from the beginning, they started to provide customization to the institutes.


As we know, the customization facility comes with the risk of business scalability. To tackle this, Sunil Kumar, Founder & CTO said, “We developed Edukit in such a way that maximum customization can be done by the dashboard itself. The platform is based on module based architecture to make it simple and cost effective.


Apart from customizable LMS solutions, Edukit is also providing the full feature Desktop APP with full content security so that students can study on their laptop or desktop. The company also provides mechanisms for offline Encrypted Tablet content similar to Byju’s, along with the encrypted pen drive courses.


Anjali Singh, says that they are getting numerous requests from the institute owners for the development of the Windows app. It is slowing their growth by more than 50 percent. Coaching institutes are now very sure that they have to go Hybrid if they want to compete in the current scenario. It can be seen that Indian parents still don’t want their kids to spend more time on mobile phones though they are happy if their kids use a desktop, laptop or tablet. She mentioned that there exist many solutions for single tutors but we cannot find a single stop destination for large institutions such as test prep coachings, colleges and schools as they have more than a few demands. We know that customisations do hamper scalability. But to maintain the uniqueness of every institute, we allocate a few more minutes to our offering, and we charge accordingly.


It's very hard to survive among well funded startups, but with their unique approach and solutions, Edukit is growing silently in the Indian market. They are well known in the market for scalable and affordable technology solutions for all types of educational institutions. They have a pan India client base which includes Mentors Eduserv from Patna, Gate Academy from Bhilai CLC from Sikar, Ojaank IAS and IES Master from Delhi. Edukit has conducted more than ten million online tests and onboarded more than 1000 institutes in delivering lectures to more than a million students across the globe.

Edukit Kanpur Team
Edukit Kanpur Team
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