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Embarking on the Sacred Path; Pancham Dham Achieves Milestone in Reviving Sanatan Dharm's Glory

Oct 11, 2023 18:58 IST 
New Delhi, Delhi, India

A milestone has been reached on the sacred journey led by Pancham Dham, as it celebrates its sixth anniversary year. This momentous achievement marks a significant step forward in reviving the timeless wisdom and spiritual teachings of Sanatan Dharm. Pancham Dham stands as a beacon of light, guiding spiritual seekers, history enthusiasts, and cultural explorers from all corners of the globe on a transformative quest for enlightenment.


Through the Pancham Dham Yatra, the Pancham Dham aspires to foster a profound social, cultural, and spiritual connection between Cambodia and India. Its overarching goal is to facilitate trade and financial partnerships between India and the Southeast Asian nations, thereby creating a gateway for cultural exchanges and social dialogues among the 52 countries situated around the Indian Ocean.


The Pancham Dham Nyas, which oversees the initiative, has been diligently rekindling the splendour of Sanatana Dharma by facilitating a dialogue between the Hindu and Buddhist traditions in Cambodia, fostering unity among the Southeast Asian nations. Throughout the ages, indigenous communities worldwide have recognized that to truly fathom the depths of the soul, one must embark on a spiritual odyssey, venturing into the uncharted territories within oneself, and foster and guide these journeys toward a profound spiritual existence.


No previous evidence has emerged to rival the magnitude of the collaborative endeavour that Pancham Dham represents. The inception of the concept of the 5th Dham located outside India was ignited by one individual's aspiration to unify Sanatans worldwide on a path to spiritual enlightenment. Today, Pancham Dham stands as a cornerstone of spiritual awakening and global community.


The driving force behind this initiative is Dr. Sailesh Lachu Hiranandani, whose journey began with his initial visit to Siem Reap in the early 1990s. Since then, he has embarked on a continuous and transformative quest to delve into the essence of Sanatana Dharma. During his explorations, fate led him to the awe-inspiring Angkor, located in the Northern Province of Siem Reap, Cambodia. It was here that he recognized the hallowed grounds where the inception of the 1008 Names of Shiva Association would be ordained.


During his pursuit of this noble mission, Dr. Hiranandani had the privilege of crossing paths with Guruji Kumaran Swami Ji, alongside Indresh Kumar, a revered veteran of the RSS. Together, they solemnly committed themselves to propagate the profound essence of Sanatana Dharma and the significance of the 5th Dham among the Indian and Asian Diaspora on a global scale.


Alongside Dr. Hiranandani, Mary Mam played an instrumental role in the construction of the Fifth Dham, garnering vital support from all quarters. She has been the driving force behind mobilizing essential resources, including manpower, for the construction of the Dham, all under the able guidance and support of dedicated functionaries.


Pancham Dham's sixth anniversary year marks a significant milestone in our mission to revive the glory of Sanatana Dharma and unite people across the globe in their quest for spiritual enlightenment. As part of celebrations of this achievement, the followers commit themselves to fostering global community and shared spiritual exploration.


As a significant endeavour, the Trust also intends to erect a Shiv Mandir in Siem Reap, with an estimated budget of INR 200 crores, solidifying the presence of Pancham Dham in this region. Additionally, the Trust's vision extends to establishing Sanatan Dhyan Kendras in 52 coastal countries and other regions grounded in Sanatan principles. This holistic approach aims to promote cultural enrichment, spiritual growth, and international cooperation on a grand scale.

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