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EVeez Provides In-campus e-mobility Solution to Vedanta Group's ESL Steel Plant

EVeez also has a tie up with Flipkart for EV subscriptions for their delivery fleet (currently 50 subscriptions and expanding) in Hyderabad

Jan 29, 2021 16:39 IST 
Delhi, India

In an attempt to popularize the usage of e-bikes in the country, EVeez, a popular electric vehicle subscription platform recently joined hands with ESL Steel Limited, a Vedanta Group Company, and has launched 40 e-cycles and 10 e-scooters, as a part of #ESLRidesGreen campaign. The program was inaugurated on January 26 by ESL Steel CEO Pankaj Malhan. During the ceremony, Malhan revealed that these electric vehicles will be used by ESL employees within the plant premises.


EVeez smart e-bikes empowering eco-friendly delivery ecosystem


"The future will be dominated by electric vehicles. Apart from offering cheap maintenance costs, these electronic vehicles are directly helping the atmosphere and environment to stay healthy and clean. I thank Pankaj Malhan Sir for collaborating with us in this noble initiative," said Gaurav Rathore, CEO of EVeez


Malhan, during the ceremonial speech, told that this initiative in association with EVeez will help to reduce the carbon footprint so that India will remain beautiful as it always was. 


"It feels hugely satisfying to move closer to our aim of going completely EV reliant by 2025. With this, ESL has become the first business in the Vedanta Group to launch electrical bicycles and electric scooters in the plant premises for its employees. As we get future-ready, I cannot thank EVeez enough for their support and help that takes us an inch closer to our goal. On Republic Day, I hope we inspire others to reduce carbon footprint so that India can remain as beautiful as it always was," said Malhan


The e-bikes which are being used inside the plant of ESL will be GPS enabled employees can scan the QR code and login with their employee ID. With designated access to 14 locations inside the plant, the facility can be easily used with the help of a mobile app. 


The movement of these vehicles beyond the plant’s geospatial area is restricted and can be tracked. Other than that, the vehicles are auto-set with a maximum speed limit of 20 kilometers per hour. The plant is also developing charging facilities as well as parking space for these e-bikes.


As serious problems like climate change and global warming continue to bother planet earth, experts believe that the only way to protect the environment is by switching to e-vehicles. Electric vehicles have no fuel emissions, and the maintenance cost is also very low. 


"Electric Mobility is the future and the faster we shift to it the better for us as a nation. We are ensuring that the shift from conventional fuel to electricity is safe and affordable. Initiatives like these from ESL Steel Ltd. are a big boost to the ecosystem and I feel that this is a strong step towards sustainable human development. I wish them all the best and hope to support them in the future as well," said Abhishek Dwivedi, Co-founder and COO of EVeez


About EVeez

EVeez is a pro-environment e-bike subscription service provider for Urban Commute, Campus Solutions, and Delivery. The company is currently operational in New Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Hyderabad, and Bokaro with a combined fleet size of over 250 smart electric 2-wheelers. EVeez subscriptions are being used by the delivery fleets of Flipkart, Zomato, Swiggy, and many SME enterprises.



EVeez smart e-bikes empowering eco-friendly delivery ecosystem
EVeez smart e-bikes empowering eco-friendly delivery ecosystem
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