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Extract 48 COVID RNA Samples in Just 17 Minutes with the Latest Technology from Genolution & Premas Life Sciences

May 27, 2020 17:45 IST 
New Delhi, Delhi, India

Premas Life Sciences (PLS) and Genolution (a South Korea based company) has announced a new sales distribution agreement, appointing Premas Life Sciences as technology and knowledge distributor of Nextractor NX-48S Platform in India. Nextractor NX-48S is a fully automated Nucleic Acid Extraction system that can extract upto 48 samples in one run in 17 minutes only. These systems are currently being used extensively in COVID affected countries for Viral RNA Extraction for COVID-19 testing and in a short time we have already had 30 installations in India.


Nextractor NX-48S Platform


Through this partnership, Premas Life Sciences will empower Genolution’s revolutionizing technology that can significantly ramp up the current efforts in #COVID19 testing, powered with Nextractor’s complete automation, high throughput and reduced manual error.


Deuk Soo Na, Executive Director, Genolution commented, "We are very glad to have good and close relationship with highly esteemed Premas Life Sciences. We are pleased to serve Indian and Indian healthcare market with stunning 48-sample extraction of DNA/RNA in 17 min amid COVID-19. We expect closer cooperation with PLS in many fields in the future."


Dr. Debjani Saha, Group Product Manager, Premas Life Sciences commented, "We at Premas Life Sciences pride ourselves in bringing cutting edge technologies in the area of Genomics & Cell Biology to India and are elated to add Genolution to our ensemble menu of Products.


In the current COVID pandemic situation where we are looking for approx. 5 Lakh Viral RNA extraction per day, Nextractor’s fast extraction protocol saves time and reduced manual error to get high quality RNA ready for high throughput downstream molecular analysis with RTPCR or NGS. Also, the minimal hands on time is extremely desirable while handling infectious samples."

Nextractor NX-48S Platform
Nextractor NX-48S Platform
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