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Forpose, an Indian Privacy-driven Social Media App - Instant Hit in Southern States Among Millennials and Gen Z

May 28, 2021 17:44 IST 
Hyderabad, Telangana, India

Forpose, which was dubbed as India’s first privacy-driven social networking platform, announced that it plans US expansion this year, post a successful beta-launch, and massive recall from southern states in India.


Forpose made it to the limelight with its privacy-first features, when other social media platforms paid little heed to user’s data and their privacy concerns. Screenshots, for example, are disabled across the entire platform to minimize unauthorized resharing of private images and content.


While the debate between prominent social networks like Whatsapp, Twitter, etc., and the government regarding privacy concerns are still on, these unique features from Forpose are a cue for other social platforms to consider customer experience and their privacy as the utmost priority.


According to Forpose Founder and CEO, Salman Khan, "We spent almost a year conducting intensive testing with over 200,000 users to ensure quality service. With positive feedback pouring in from all users, we are now ready to launch the official version of Forpose."


The beta version of the app was released in August 2020 and was an instant hit amongst the users. The app not only helps connect people, but also creates business opportunities for the fashion industry. Forpose app’s features, like “no screenshots” and enable/disable messages from non-followers has helped it create a different league in sharp contrast to other social networking sites.


Commenting on the journey, Mr. Khan added, "Launching Forpose wasn’t an easy feat. At the seed round alone, I faced over 500 rejections. But I was confident about the app and its features and moved forward to build the business plan and develop the app. With Forpose, I aimed to create a safe space for users to share their content and memories. I remember reading about rising identity theft and misuse of images in social media. This is what motivated me to add privacy enabled features in Forpose. With the launch of our official version set this year, we aim to provide our services to over a billion people around the world."


Forpose Social Network Pvt. Ltd. is a software company, specializing in SaaS application development. Forpose - the privacy-driven social media app is slated to launch by the end of this year across both Android and iOS platforms.

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