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Fortis Hospital Mulund Launches the First Movement Disorder & DBS Clinic in Central Mumbai

Mar 30, 2024 14:33 IST 
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
  • This specialized division empowers patients with movement disorders to reclaim their mobility through a comprehensive approach

  • Annually, Fortis Hospital Mulund treats nearly 350-400 people suffering from movement disorders


Fortis Hospital Mulund announced the launch of the 'Movement Disorder & DBS Clinic', a pioneering facility dedicated to the treatment of various movement disorders, including Dystonia, Tremors, Hemifacial Spasm, and Ataxia. The unit was inaugurated by Dr Gurneet Singh Sawhney, Senior Consultant-Neuro and Spine Surgery and Dr Vishal Beri, Facility Director at Fortis Hospital Mulund, in the presence of patients who have successfully been treated for their movement disorders.


Dr Gurneet Singh Sawhney, Senior Consultant-Neuro and Spine Surgery, Fortis Hospital Mulund along with the neurology team at the launch of Movement Disorder & DBS Clinic


The Movement Disorder Clinic is headed by Dr Gurneet Singh Sawhney along with his team comprising of Movement Disorder Specialists Dr Anil Venkatachalam and Dr Syed Moeed Zafer. The clinic offers patients complete evaluations and personalized treatment plan. These include consultations with Neurologists, medication therapy, botox injections, and potential surgical interventions such as Stereotactic Lesioning, Radiofrequency Lesioning, Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) alongwith physical & cognitive rehabilitation and psychotherapy.


Dr Gurneet Singh Sawhney, Senior Consultant-Neuro & Spine Surgery, Fortis Hospital Mulund, said, “Movement disorders are chronic conditions that can present significant challenges for patients and their families. While the number of diagnosed cases has been on the rise in the past few years, affecting approximately 60 to 100 individuals per million, it's crucial to remember that effective treatment options are available to help manage these conditions and improve quality of life for patients.”


Treating patients with movement disorders, particularly when their symptoms become progressively severe, can be a complex process. Conditions such as Essential Tremor (ET) are often stigmatized and dismissed as merely a family trait rather than a treatable medical condition. However, such perceptions can significantly affect individuals' lives, underscoring the importance of timely treatment and diagnosis. The team at the Movement Disorder Clinic is dedicated to remaining at the forefront of technological and scientific advancements, embracing new technologies to enhance patient outcomes.


Further stating the need for the Movement Disorder & DBS Clinic, Dr Gurneet Singh Sawhney says, “Contrary to common misconception, movement disorders affect individuals of all ages, not just older adults as commonly perceived. While Parkinson's Disease is often associated with older adults, numerous conditions like Dystonia have a genetic basis, and can manifest in younger individuals. This diverse patient population underscores the need for a Movement Disorder & DBS Clinic with comprehensive expertise to cater effectively to unique patient needs.”


A significant challenge with movement disorder is the lack of awareness surrounding this condition, both among the public and even within various medical specialties. Moreover, the spectrum of movement disorders can vary considerably from one patient to another. For example, a patient with tremors may encounter swift and erratic movements, whereas an individual grappling with Parkinson's Disease may exhibit notably slow & jerky motions. Despite these divergent manifestations, both patients require treatment, which can be effectively met through the specialized care provided at a Movement Disorder & DBS Clinic.


Dr. Vishal Beri, Facility Director, Fortis Hospital Mulund, said, “There is an emerging need for increased awareness about these disorders as that would significantly help increase early diagnosis and timely intervention. Movement disorders impose significant physical and emotional burden on patients and their families. By integrating medical treatments with therapies, including psychological consultations and support groups, we aim to help patients manage their condition positively and effectively.


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Dr Gurneet Singh Sawhney, Senior Consultant-Neuro and Spine Surgery, Fortis Hospital Mulund along with the neurology team at the launch of Movement Disorder & DBS Clinic
Dr Gurneet Singh Sawhney, Senior Consultant-Neuro and Spine Surgery, Fortis Hospital Mulund along with the neurology team at the launch of Movement Disorder & DBS Clinic
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