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Fresca Juices Launches India’s First Holographic Packs

Aug 27, 2018   14:15 IST 
Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

Fresca, leading and fastest growing Juice Brands has launched its juices in innovative holographic aseptic packs. The company has come up with 200 ml Tropical Mix and Guava juices in holographic packs in premium Juice category. Fresca becomes the first brand in India to bring out such packing. The Aseptic holographic pack used by Fresca is developed indigenously by Asepto, a Uflex limited company, as a global Innovation developed first time in India.



Fresca Juices Dazzles with Holographic Packs on the Shelf for the First time in India


Akhil Gupta, Managing Director, Fresca; commented on the launch, “We believe this is the ideal time to launch when people are always on a look out for something new and appealing for gifting. With the help of Uflex’s brand Asepto we are able to revitalize the consumer experience in the sparkling Holographic packs of Fresca’s 200 ml Tropical Mix Premium and Guava Premium; the packaging not only serves as marketing differentiator at the retail standpoint but also takes care of the key component for safe journey of products from production to consumption. The smoothness and superior taste is very pleasing, as it has higher percentage of fruit pulp giving a great drinking experience to consumers.”


Fresca is one of the leading and fastest growing Juice Brands of India. Fresca Juices has three manufacturing facilities with a strong presence in more than 10-12 states of India. With the aim of suiting the pockets and needs of buyers, the brand offers 11 flavors in sizes from 160 ml to 2 liters. With all the available price points starting from Rs. 10-120. “In India by far the Aseptic beverage packaging has had very limited aesthetic possibilities with not much uniqueness or exciting visual hook on the shelf to offer to the consumers. However, the unique striking effects of holographic innovation by Uflex’s brand Asepto has encouraged brand like us to create a fresher approach to consumers, the holography in aseptic packs is a boon to the industry. On the first day of market launch we have been able to bag massive orders for the upcoming festive season.” added Gupta.


Uflex is the first Indian manufacturer of aseptic liquid packaging material. The holographic technique used in the packaging by Uflex secures brands from counterfeit issues, assuring quality, reliability, integrity and brand protection. Uflex has been offering various innovative holographic options for their customers in the flexible packaging but in Aseptic liquid packaging segment, it’s a debut.


Ashwani K Sharma, President & CEO, Uflex Ltd. added on the launch, “We knew that the new holographic packaging ”Asepto Spark” will do wonders for Fresca as a brand, it’s heartening to know that on the first day of launch itself Fresca has received such massive order book. Now the impact is visible and many leading brands are looking to convert to Asepto Holographic packs. I strongly believe that this is just the beginning and Indian consumers are not only going to get the taste of a great juice but also Asepto Spark the holographic packaging” going to excite and ignite the market on the whole."


Uflex made an initial investment of Rs. 580 crore on a state-of-the-art aseptic liquid packaging material manufacturing plant located in the Industrial hub of Sanand in Gujarat. The plant is spread over 21 Acres and has an annual production capacity of 7bn packs.


Sharma added, “Asepto Spark is a global innovation of Holographic packs offered to the industry and has created loads of excitement in the global market already, we have received tremendous response from international markets like Middle EastEurope, Asia, Africa and China. With our first launch in the home ground has created a grand buzz. In the same light, Fresca has taken the step forward to launch their first aseptic pack with complete holography feature, which will help their products stand out on the shelf.”


Fresca Juices Dazzles with Holographic Packs on the Shelf for the First time in India
Fresca Juices Dazzles with Holographic Packs on the Shelf for the First time in India
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